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Queens Marijuana Possession Defense

Have you recently been accused of marijuana possession in New York? Or do you believe that you may be under investigation by authorities, who are looking for every opportunity to arrest you and accuse of marijuana possession? The consequences of a marijuana sale or possession charge in New York can be significant, which is why the right Queens Marijuana possession lawyer should be retained immediately. Without the services provided by a marijuana possession lawyer in Queens, you expose yourself to making major mistakes in your case and compromising your very freedom and your future.

Whether you’re looking at time for misdemeanors or felonies, a lawyer might be the only way for you to avoid these kinds of consequences. Your future does matter even if it feels like the cards are stacked against you. An attorney may be able to push you through the process without fear of a conviction.

A conviction of marijuana possession can lead to mandatory rehabilitation, a permanent criminal record, possible jail time and fines. Felony charges may apply if you are caught with 8 ounces or more of marijuana and you could be in jail for as long as 15 years. A Queens Marijuana possession attorney is your most important asset as you move through the criminal justice system.

You need the most comprehensive criminal defense representation available to you and the right marijuana possession attorney in Queens should be committed to taking the steps to minimize criminal penalties and, if available, to obtain a dismissal of the charges, when available. You need someone who will work hard to prevent all the short and long-term consequences in a conviction and do everything possible to identify alternative sentencing arrangements so you don’t have to spend time behind bars. This is a common goal for anyone who has been accused of a drug crime, but you should know that drug crimes are taken very seriously.

Marijuana Drug Charges and Their Serious Nature

Any controlled substance or marijuana could leave you with a criminal record for the rest of your life. It could trigger immigration consequences, if you are not a citizen currently, or lead to the loss of your job. You need someone who has years of criminal defense experience in Queens, who knows how to defend those individuals accused of drug possession issues.

Drug Possession Rights

Marijuana and other drug possession or sale charges could cause misdemeanor or felony charges and corresponding consequences. This all depends on the amount that you are accused of selling or possessing. The authorities in New York treat the sale of drugs or marijuana much more seriously than possession charges. However, you should still retain a criminal defense attorney to protect you if you are accused of possession. When you are accused of distributing or selling marijuana or any other type of drug, the fines could be in the thousands of dollars. You could be deported if you are not a U.S. citizen and you could spend time in jail. The severity of the charges in your case will be determined by the circumstances and the weight of the substances. It is a very important classification, whether you are accused of sale or possession and therefore, you need an attorney who is committed to mounting a compelling defense on your behalf. Your criminal defense attorney should be at your side from the initial questioning from the authorities and the arrest all the way through the finalization of your case. Your attorney should be prepared to investigate evidence in your case and look for opportunities to raise concerns about the prosecution's claims.

Probable Cause in Marijuana Possession Cases

A critical part of your marijuana possession representation has to be looking at why the police stopped you, searched you and seized something to begin with. Everyone in New York has the constitutional right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures and there must have been a probable cause in order for the officer to have conducted a search and seizure of your property or your person. If evidence was obtained by violating your rights, this could become critical information in your defense.

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