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Important Criminal Defense Information From A Queens Criminal Lawyer

Having a Queens Criminal Lawyer may be invaluable to you in the defense of your criminal case. We understand that hiring the right Queens Criminal Lawyer can be a hard decision. We believe we can provide you with some information that will make this difficult process easier for you. Below please find some background on the Queens Criminal Court, the procedure of a Criminal case in Queens along with some defense strategies.

Directions to the Queens Criminal Court

The Queens Criminal Court is located at 125-01 Queens Boulevard Kew Gardens, NY.

Mass transit: take New York City MTA E or F subway to Union Turnpike station. Then take either Queens bus Q60, Q37, Q74 or Q46 which all stop near the Criminal Court. The cross streets of the Court on Queens Boulevard are Hoover Avenue and 82nd Avenue.

After an arrest in Queens, you are brought to a New York City Police Precinct. This is one of the most important moments for you. An arrestee is only required to give the New York City Police your name, address, date of birth and contact information. You are not required to give any other information. The first thing you should do is make it known to the authorities that you want to speak to a Criminal Lawyer. Once the police know you are represented by counsel they are no longer allowed to question you. You have the right to remain silent, use it! Moreover, you have a right to speak to your Criminal Lawyer before answering any other questions. If the arrestee can provide the name of a Queens Criminal Lawyer, all the better.

From the Police Precinct, the arrestee will be transported to Queens Central Booking which is located right behind the Queens Criminal Court. Your Attorney is not allowed in Central Booking and cannot have any communication with you while you are there.

Criminal Defense Tips While You Are In Custody

Don't volunteer any information to anyone. The police may make promises to you, "Cooperate and we'll go easy on you," Don't believe them. They will use the information against you.

The police may play good cop bad cop. Don't fall for it. Police are allowed to lie to you to get information.

Do not talk with any other arrestee about your case (he can pass the information to the Queens District Attorney or their Criminal Attorney In the hopes of getting a reduced sentence for himself).

Be patient - Usually you are processed in the Queens Police precinct within 4 - 6 hours and then transferred to Queens Central Booking. In 16 - 24 you will be brought to the Queens Criminal Court to see the Judge for the arraignment. Once you are "Court ready," you will be allowed to speak to with your lawyer and start strategizing your Criminal Defense.

If you don't have a Criminal Lawyer, a Criminal Lawyer may be hired by a family member to represent you.

After the arraignment hp you and your Criminal Attorney will be given a time, date and place for your next Criminal Court date. If you are charged with a misdemeanor, your case will be sent downstairs to a Courtroom called a Part. Misdemeanor Parts are 1, 2,3, 4 or 5. Felony criminal cases go to Part 6 or Part N. The exception is that Part 4 in Queens is a Domestic Violence part where both felony and misdemeanor criminal cases are heard.. Domestic Violence cases can range from assault, stalking, endangering the welfare of a child (child abuse) to sex crimes including sex abuse, sexual assault or even rape.

Having a Queens Criminal Lawyer who can advise you and set up a viable criminal defense is a necessity if you've been charged with a crime.

At Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC each Criminal Attorney is experienced in Criminal Defense and is very familiar with the Queens Criminal Court. If you are looking for a Queens Criminal Lawyer with both knowledge and dedication in handling serious cases including murder, drug possession, sex crimes and DWI as well as many other felonies and misdemeanors cases, call us at 800.696.9529 for a free consultation.

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