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Queens Mail Fraud

Being accused of any type of fraud in New York is an unnerving situation and one that should encourage you to schedule a consultation with an experienced mail fraud attorney in Queens. Far too many people downplay the potential implications of any Queens mail fraud allegation and therefore, expose themselves to significant risks and consequences for their future. Mail fraud is outlined under the United States Code section 1341 and it is imperative that you identify a mail fraud lawyer in Queens who knows how to protect you in the event of being accused of a crime.

A Queens mail fraud attorney is a vital component to protecting your interest should you be accused of any type of mail fraud. Although, many advances in technology have occurred over the last several years, the federal crimes that govern the usage of this technology has been largely unchanged over that time.

One of the most commonly applied white collar offenses alleged against New York individuals is violation of mail fraud. Other types of fraud can include security fraud, wire fraud, health care fraud and banking fraud. Depending on your charges, you want a lawyer experienced with felonies.

As one of the most commonly charged white collar crimes in New York and around the country, the mail fraud statute makes it illegal for anyone to cause the use of or to use the United States postal service or any private commercial mail carrier to take money from another person under false pretenses or fraud. This is one of the most harshly punished nonviolent crime and could lead to up to 20 years in prison or someone who is accused. Many people fall for common myths surrounding mail fraud and by believing that the lie or the fraud must indeed involve a mail.

All that needs to be proven by the government in a case like this is that the mail was caused to be used or used during the commitment of the fraud. While you may believe that your conduct is minor and extremely harmless, anytime that you engage in using a mail service over the course of a criminal fraud scheme could lead to criminal conduct and appropriate charges. Mail fraud is defined as using the mail to defraud another business, person, government agency or financial institution of property or money. As the United States Postal Service is responsible for delivering any mail within the United States, any fraud that uses that service affects the federal government and therefore, it became illegal in 1948 for anyone to use the mail to commit to such fraud. There are three crucial elements of the mail fraud act in the United States. First of all, the defendant must have devised a scheme to defraud another person. Second of all, the defendant must have intended to defraud another person, and finally the person must have caused a method to use or used the mail during the course of a scheme to defraud. This statute is extremely broad and can be interpreted as such. Mail fraud cases can be started by the United States postal inspection service or by any other federal law enforcement agency. This statute can be used to charge and investigate an individual that may have been involved in other types of fraud such as bank fraud, employment fraud, bankruptcy fraud, telemarketing fraud, elder fraud and more. Any misrepresentation must be material in order for fraud charges to apply. This means that the misrepresentation itself must be related to a scheme.

Most simply, the mail fraud act is a plan to steal money from another entity or person by lying to them. The mail in and of itself does not have to be illegal or even sent by the defendant. It only needs to be related to the crime which is a very broad standard. The consequences for a conviction of mail fraud in New York can be extremely serious and anyone who is convicted of mail fraud may be sentenced up to 20 years in federal prison, be required to make full restitution of the fraud itself and pay up to $250,000 fine. In the event that a financial institution was the victim of the fraud, the defendant could be fined up to $1 million and may be sentenced up to 30 years in prison.

Your liberty, your future and your rights are at stake when you are accused of mail fraud and you cannot afford to hesitate to take action if the federal government is lodging mail fraud charges against you. Do not hesitate to get the help that you need from a dedicated Queens mail fraud lawyer.

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