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The best-known and most-visited of New York City's five boroughs, Manhattan is made up of a range of neighborhood types--from the Lower East Side to the Upper West Side, from public housing to multi-million-dollar penthouses. A Manhattan Criminal Lawyer realizes that, in a place that brings together such diverse residents, commuters, and visitors from all over, there will be a range of criminal behavior taking place--from Grand Larceny to Petite Larceny, from DWI to Drug Possession , Sex Crime, and Assault. . If you have been charged with any kind of criminal act in Manhattan, contact the experienced team of New York Criminal Lawyers at Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC for advice at no cost to you. You'll need a knowledgeable and skilled Manhattan Criminal Lawyer on your side, because the office of the District Attorney in Manhattan is aggressive and successful at prosecuting criminal cases.

In fact, according to the District Attorney's office, in 2007 Manhattan had approximately the same number of felony arrests as took place in Brooklyn, but indicted twice the number of people--and sent twice as many offenders to state prison. Unlike most crimes in the city's other boroughs, which are typically committed in the neighborhoods where the assailants live, the majority of crimes in Manhattan are committed by people who do not live in the borough. This is primarily due to the fact that Manhattan's population during the day is twice the population that actually lives there, making investigating crime more difficult. But clearly both the police in Manhattan and Office of the Manhattan District Attorney are seeing success.

If you are arrested for a crime in Manhattan, your arraignment will take place in downtown Manhattan, on the first floor of the New York County Criminal Courthouse. A very few number of arraignments are also held in Midtown Manhattan, in the Midtown Community Court.

The New York County (Manhattan) Criminal Court is in two locations, both approximately three blocks south of Canal Street:

  1. 100 Centre Street: The Criminal Court Building on Centre Street is found one block from Worth Street, near Franklin and Leonard Streets. It houses the Criminal Court, Supreme Court, Legal Aid, the District Attorney, Police Department offices, the Department of Correction, and the Department of Probation.
  2. 346 Broadway: The Criminal Court building on Broadway is located between Worth Street and Leonard Street.


Arriving by car is typically very inconvenient when you're headed to the Criminal Court Buildings in downtown Manhattan. However, you have a variety of mass transit choices:

  • Take the 4 or 5 subway to the Brooklyn Bridge station
  • Take the C, N, R, or 6 subway to Canal Street
  • Take the 1 subway to Franklin Street.
  • Take the bus--the 1, 6, or 15 line.

The arraignment is when you will first appear in court or in front of a judge after you are charged with a crime in Manhattan. At the arraignment, charges against you are read and you then will state your plea. It is crucial to already have a skilled Manhattan Criminal Lawyer on your team and to have your attorney speak on your behalf. After you have been arraigned, your case then gets assigned to a Part (another term for court room). Each of the Parts is responsible for handling a specific type of case, such as Felony Cases, Assault, Drug Crimes, or Domestic Violence.For this reason, you need an experienced Manhattan Criminal Lawyer--one who has familiarity with the different parts--on your defense team.

Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC offers a team with extensive experience defending those charged with crimes in Manhattan. Call 800.696.9529 today to speak with us and schedule a free consultation at any of our offices. We're located in Manhattan as well as in each of the other New York City boroughs--the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. And if it's more convenient for you, we also have offices in Westchester, and in Suffolk County and Nassau County on Long Island.

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