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Manhattan Drug Possession

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A Manhattan Drug Possession Lawyer Discusses the Various Types of Punishment for Drug Crime

A conviction of Drug Possession in the state of New York can bring severe penalties: prison/jail time, fines, and/or the loss of your job. In Manhattan, the office of the District Attorney enforces the drug laws aggressively and forcefully prosecutes perpetrators of Drug Crime. At Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC we’re aware that, regardless of how serious the criminal charge and the resulting penalty are, a Drug Crime Conviction can have an extremely significant affect on the life of an accused individual. For this reason, each Manhattan Drug Possession Lawyer in our office is ready to work hard to defend your rights, starting with an initial consultation that costs you nothing. Whether you are in New York City or on Long Island ( Nassau County or Suffolk County ) we can meet you at one of locations nearest to you.

The penalties for a Drug Possession are determined by the kind of drug involved in the case. Drugs are classified as Schedule I drugs through Schedule V drugs. The harshest penalties can be given if the drugs involved in a criminal act are Schedule I; the least serious can be given for criminal acts involving Schedule V drugs.

  • Schedule I drugs are those for which the potential for abuse is very high, and for which there is not an accepted medical use. These include marijuana, heroine and LSD. For more details on specific types of drug crimes read our New York Marijuana Lawyer or our New York Heroine Lawyer pages
  • Schedule II drugs are those with a high potential to be abused or result in severe dependence, but it is also acceptable for them to be used medically (such as cocaine, methadone, and methamphetamine). For more information on these types of Drugs you can click on the link to our New York Cocaine Lawyer page
  • Schedule III drugs are those with a potential to lead to moderate dependency; they also have accepted medical uses and include drugs such as codeine and anabolic steroids.
  • Schedule IV drugs have a lower potential to be abused than a Schedule III drug has. They present a limited potential to result in dependence, and are drugs whose use is common in medical treatment—for example, Xanax, Vicodin, and Oxycotton.
  • Schedule V drugs are drugs that present a low potential to be abused, and their risk for leading to dependency is limited. They are also commonly used as medical treatments (for example, a cough medicine that contains codeine).

A Manhattan Criminal Lawyer can tell you that the criminal charge of simple Drug Possession occurs when you knowingly and intentionally possess a “scheduled” drug—also known as a controlled substance—without a legitimate prescription. The Office of the District Attorney must prove that the person accused was aware that the drug was a controlled substance, and that you had physical possession of it. Sentencing guidelines set forth a maximum sentence of one year in jail for the first offense, a maximum two years in jail for the second offense, and a maximum of three years in jail for the third offense and beyond.

If you’re facing a Drug Possession charge, you need significant assistance from an experienced Manhattan Drug Possession Defense Lawyer—one with experience in fighting drug cases. At Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC, you can meet with a highly experienced Manhattan Drug Possession Attorney. We will consult with you free of charge and explain that you may face additional charges, such as Enterprise Corruption. Enterprise Corruption can be charged if you are accused of committing a drug crime as part of an ongoing scheme that involves other individuals. On the other hand, we also know that some first-time offenders can be determined to need a treatment program rather than incarceration, so you could face education and counseling instead of a conviction and/or jail time.

Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC will help you negotiate these issues and protect your rights and liberties. Contact us right away at 800.696.9529 for a free initial consultation. Our locations are in Manhattan and the other New York City boroughs including Queens and Brooklyn, as well as in the Bronx and Staten Island. We also have locations in Westchester County and also on Long Island—you can meet with us either in Nassau County or at our Suffolk County office.

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