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Queens Felony Defense

Most people already recognize that felony charges at any level and in any location, can carry significant consequences. Felony charges typically have stiffer penalties and more severe consequences that it can affect you for many years to come. Many serious criminal offenses fall under the umbrella of felonies in New York. A Queens felony defense attorney should be retained immediately. Felonies are much more serious than misdemeanors, but a person facing any kind of charges in New York needs the insight from someone who has a background in representing people in these kinds of allegations. Your freedom could be at stake in a felony charge, so you need a lawyer who will work hard from the moment you hire him or her.

Without making the phone call to talk to a felony defense attorney in Queens, you may be unaware of various opportunities to minimize the consequences you are currently facing. The legal code in New York describes felonies as those crimes that can be punished by imprisonment longer than a year or even death. These types of crimes are prosecuted zealously, due to public support for the penalties and laws that are "tough on crime".

It is difficult to get these felony charges reduced without the help of a Queens felony defense lawyer. Even with a felony defense lawyer in Queens, you may be unable to have these charges reduced and therefore, you need to mount a compelling defense aimed at minimizing or eliminating the possible downsides of conviction. Regardless of the type of charges you are facing, including misdemeanors, New York will ensure that all resources are used to zealously pursue a prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.

What You Need to Know About Losing Rights After a Felony Conviction?

Being accused of a felony is an unnerving experience, but you did you know that you will lose certain rights as a citizen simply by being convicted of a felony? This can include:

  • Being excluded from certain types of operator licenses.
  • Being automatically barred from federally subsidized housing.
  • Being ineligible for welfare.
  • Being refused the opportunity to sit on a jury.
  • Being prohibited from voting.
  • Being unable to purchase firearms.

There are different set of stipulations associated with many different New York felonies, based on how the crime was committed and the relative sentencing. The highest degree of felony in New York are class A felonies and these are reserved for serious crimes like treason or murder.

In New York, the death penalty was abolished in 2007, but in other states a class A felony may even include the use of capital punishment. In many cases, a New York felony of this level would lead to a life sentence without the option of parole and these significant consequences should prompt you to retain an attorney you can count on.

A class B felony in New York, however, is a step below murder and includes crimes such as armed robbery, drug trafficking, rape, violent assault, or homicide. Your criminal defense attorney may be instrumental in lowering the charges on these kinds of felonies.

Another type of felony are C level felonies, including certain types of theft, assault, fraud, larceny, and robbery. This can lead to prison time of up to ten years and high fines.

Class D felonies are typically one step below a C and include crimes of a less serious nature, such as burglary, robbery, fraud, theft, and some types of manslaughter. Usually jail time of less than 5 years per felony is assessed.

Class E felony charges are the lowest type of felony charge available in New York and are typically linked with serious crimes that did not prompt a higher felony charge. When a DUI or DWI case leads to harm being done to a structure or a person, a felony could apply and it is typically assessed as class E. Other class E felonies include; forcible touching, assault, aggravated harassment, or theft. You may be facing between two and five years in jail. Pursuing a comprehensive reduction of charges is strongly recommended if you find yourself in need of support after being accused of a felony in New York.

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