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Queens Criminal Trespass

Trespass is a word that has the appearance that it is not a serious crime, however, you can still face penalties and consequences if convicted of criminal trespass. That's why you should retain a Queens criminal trespass attorney as soon as possible after you have been accused of this type of a crime. This can range from a misdemeanor to a felony, depending on the circumstances of the alleged crime. And as any criminal trespass defense attorney in Queens can tell you, your decision to take action and retain an experienced lawyer can make or break the difference between your ability to move on from this issue. If you are facing allegations of criminal trespass or any other serious issue like possession of stolen property or burglary, you need an experienced criminal trespass defense lawyer in Queens to help you.

Guidance and an initial consultation can give you further information about what is involved in protecting yourself from the consequences of such a crime. In general, criminal trespass refers to knowingly entering someone else's property without that person's permission. When charging such a crime, the New York district attorney looks at numerous factors to identify the severity of the offense, such as whether or not a weapon was used in the commission of this crime, and the defendant's overall reason for entering the property. You might find that this crime is closely linked to an allegation of burglary. In a burglary crime the person injures the dwelling of another person with the intention of committing a crime within. There are three major degrees of criminal trespass in New York.

An experienced Queens criminal trespass defense lawyer can explain to you that a first degree criminal trespass allegation is a D felony and involves entering or staying on someone else's property with the possession of a deadly weapon or explosives and this can also apply to businesses or buildings open to the public. This may occur in situations in which the business owner has asked the person not to be there. Depending on the circumstances of the alleged crime, the police might try to slap you with charges of burglary. Anything that ups the stakes on your potential punishment is serious and requires a lawyer’s help immediately, so don’t wait if you’ve already been charged or if there have been hints that you might be charged with criminal trespass in Queens.

A second degree criminal trespass charge is an A misdemeanor offense which involves knowingly entering someone's residence or home without their permission. Third degree criminal trespass allegations are misdemeanor offenses under New York penal law 140.10. This involves entering someone else's property when the premises are enclosed, when the property is a housing project, when the property is used as a camp or school or when the property is a railroad yard. If you have been accused of criminal trespass, it is likely that the prosecution has evidence against you. Questioning the integrity of this evidence and whether or not rights were violated elsewhere in your arrest could help to illuminate you about possible defense strategies.

A lawyer who has handled many different kinds of criminal trespass cases before is a crucial asset for you to have as you move forward with your legal claim that you are innocent. Only a lawyer can help to protect you against the severe and life changing consequences of a conviction. No one wants to be subjected to be being accused of a crime, but the stakes are even higher if there is conviction on the line. This is why your lawyer can help walk you through the potential defenses to this crime and the next steps that you must take in order to protect yourself. Without retaining an attorney you trust, you can expose yourself to serious problems down the line. Get help now from a lawyer you can trust, if you have been accused of criminal trespass in Queens. Any other related charges could also enhance the potential penalties if you are convicted. So, you need to be prepared to understand all of the crimes of which you have been accused and appropriate defense strategies.

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