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Nassau County Statutory Rape

Being accused of rape is an overwhelming experience that will often cause a defendant to feel serious anxiety and stress about their future. Because there is so much on the line with statutory rape penalties and the stigma that follows such an accusation, you should not hesitate to schedule a call or in person consultation with a Nassau County statutory rape attorney immediately after being accused.

There are various penalties associated with rape that can continue to follow you for years to come. Furthermore, it is important to understand the available defenses, the associated criminal charges and how the age of consent influences statutory rape allegations. It is illegal for any adult aged 18 or older to have sex with a minor or someone younger than age 16 even in situations in which the sex is consensual. To get more information about your rights, schedule a call with a statutory rape lawyer in Nassau County.

Anyone who breaks the law can be convicted of a statutory rape. The assumption for statutory rape laws including those on the books in New York is that minors are incapable of giving true informed consent to sexual activity. This is the reason for the term statutory associated with rape charges. The age of consent will vary from one state to another. However, rape is always a serious charge and one that should encourage you to meet with an attorney. Rape that involves an assault or force is illegal in New York and may also be prosecuted as a related charge of forcible rape. Whether it’s rape, assault, or child pornography charges, your lawyer makes a difference.

Furthermore, assaults of a sexual nature could be classified as charges under the state assault and battery laws. Statutory rape in New York is prosecuted under the sexual abuse and rape laws for the state. The penalties will depend on the ages of the victim and the defendant and the conduct that ultimately occurred. First degree rape includes sexual intercourse between a minor, younger than age 11. The defendant can be any age to face this charge. As a class B felony, this carries a penalty of up to 25 years in prison. Second degree rape involves minors younger than age 15 and a defendant at least age 18 but four or more years older than the minor.

As a class D felony, this could lead to up to 7 years in prison. Third degree rape involves sexual intercourse between a defendant at least 21 years old and a minor younger than 17 years old. As a class E felony, the maximum prison time is four years for this charge. Furthermore, related charges linked to statutory rape include:

  • First degree criminal sexual act.
  • Second degree criminal sexual act.
  • Third degree criminal sexual act.
  • First degree sexual abuse.
  • Second degree sexual abuse.
  • Third degree sexual abuse.
  • Sexual misconduct.

In addition to the prison time, fines and other penalties linked to a statutory rape charge, state law requires that people convicted of certain sexual crimes such as statutory rape to register as sex offenders. This can carry a social stigma and influence you for years to come. It is important to identify an attorney immediately to identify all possible defenses to a statutory rape happening. Any kind of sex crime is serious and can influence your future; don’t wait to find someone to help you.

All usual offenses are available to criminal offenses including claims that the alleged conduct did not occur or that someone else committed this crime. If the victim is married to her alleged rapist, the law allows a marital exemption for statutory rape even though this would not be prohibited if they were not married. A statutory rape lawyer in Nassau County is a necessary asset for protecting your interests.

If you are facing any type of statutory rape charge, the criminal penalties and the social perception of statutory rape allegations can haunt you for years to come and make it difficult to move on with your life. Knowing that you have an advocate in your corner in the form of a Nassau County statutory rape lawyer is crucial for your future.

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