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Nassau County Stalking

Have you been accused of stalking in Nassau County? The right Nassau County stalking defense lawyer should be called right away after these charges apply. Stalking is often involved in cases in which you appear to have a relationship with the person or may have taken your relationship too far. Unfortunately, the factors of the case can lead to a stigma against you when the situation is simply being blown out of proportion.

You might think things are being mishandled or that you’re unfairly accused, but victims may be scared enough to press charges. Since there’s such a stigma surrounding stalking, you should be prepared for how to handle the situation with a lawyer who will help you determine the best way to protect yourself. You can’t afford to skip out on dealing with this situation, so take it seriously and hire a defense attorney who knows the law.

A Nassau County stalking defense attorney is an asset that you will be able to turn to over the duration of your case to avoid the significant consequences of a conviction. Without a stalking defense attorney in Nassau County, you might be tempted to take a plea deal that is not in your best interests or engage in other behavior that could compromise the outcome of your case. When you instead contact a stalking defense lawyer in Nassau County shortly after being accused, you have a much better chance of fighting off these charges and protecting your future. An order of protection might even be given to the victim.

Stalking is classified under numerous different aspects of the New York penal law. It involves communicating with someone in a way that makes them feel threatened or following them. The key element here is whether or not the victim in question indeed feels threatened. Stalking could be accomplished by following someone by car, by foot or regularly being present at places in which the victim regularly shows up, such as work. It can also be accomplished by tracking another individual by using a GPS system.

Constantly texting, emailing or calling the person after they have asked you to discontinue this behavior, could also be categorized as stalking. Putting anyone's professional career at risk by showing up consistently at their place of work or communicating with them in a threatening manner while they are ta work is also stalking. Prosecuting and arresting these crimes has become a priority for authorities throughout the state of New York. Law enforcement typically views stalking as beyond just annoying but actually violent criminal behavior. Sadly however, law enforcement may have a tendency to act too quickly and to consider situations that are truly the result of innocuous behavior. If you are convicted of stalking, however, the consequences can be serious and even trying to explain to your employer that you are facing stalking allegations could call you integrity into question. You could be forced to pay a significant fine and end up in prison if you are accused and convicted of stalking. You need a defense attorney who will work as hard as possible to aggressively defend your character when you are facing stalking and sexual assault allegations, stalking in the first, second or fourth degree claims or stalking in domestic violence allegations. The least serious of these is stalking in the fourth degree because this is a class B misdemeanor, however, stalking in the first degree is a class D felony and has appropriate penalties linked to it. The sentence that you will receive after a stalking conviction is dependent on the particular type of stalking offense. The judge does have some discretion about the penalties to apply in your case which could be probation, a fine, prison, restitution or a combination of any of these. The judge may also request that you pay restitution, which is for victim expenses that came about as a result of the crime. If you allegedly hurt the person, for example, you could be required to pay restitution to the victim for the injuries he or she sustained and the medical expenses they had as a result. The only way to successfully defend against these serious charges is to retain a knowledgeable attorney sooner rather than later.

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