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Nassau County Juvenile Defense

Someone who has been accused of a crime as a juvenile needs to take care to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Usually this individual's parents will assist with the hiring of a proper criminal defense attorney and getting someone on your side to advocate for your rights sooner rather than later is important. A Nassau County juvenile defense attorney is crucial for protecting your interests.

Many people have the perspective that juvenile crimes are not as serious but it can be a major mistake to view things in this manner. This is primarily because juvenile defense crimes can still have long lasting implications for someone who is accused.

Taking action sooner rather than later gives the juvenile the broadest interpretation of his or her rights and opportunities to make decisions. New York is one of only two states across the country that prosecutes those ages 16 to 17 as adults when a crime is committed. In some cases, for serious criminal offenses, a child as young as 13 can even be prosecuted in adult court.

There are many different complicated facets of the juvenile justice system in the state of New York but young offenders and their parents should never assume that juvenile offense is a minor one. Being classified as a juvenile delinquent in New York can have a far-reaching influence on the child's life and it is necessary to retain a juvenile defense lawyer in Nassau County as soon as possible to understand your rights.

Juvenile Crimes across New York

Illegal acts that are committed by individuals between the ages of 7 and 15 can lead to a young person being categorized as a juvenile delinquent if he or she is found responsible for committing that crime. A juvenile delinquent is someone who is considered to be in need of supervision, confinement or treatment. Juvenile delinquency cases are heard outside of criminal court. They are heard inside family court. These legal violations are referred to as delinquent acts rather than crime.

These may include shoplifting, violations of drug laws, committing assault offenses or other illegal activities. If the offense is violent or serious, however, it may be heard in Supreme Court rather than family court. An individual is classified as a juvenile offender if he or she is convicted.

The penalties for juvenile offenders typically include incarceration, sometimes in prisons that also contain adult offenders. After a teen has reached age 16 he or she is no longer classified as a juvenile for the purposes of criminal justice and will be tried just as if he or she was an adult. This is why it is a huge mistake to assume that a juvenile offense or a charge against a teenager is a minor issue. Rather this is a serious concern that should prompt parents to contact an experienced New York criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. For juvenile offenders, the process begins with a fact-finding hearing in front of a family court judge. A juvenile defense attorney in Nassau County will represent you at these hearings.

No juries are present for delinquent act cases. During the fact-finding hearing, evidence and witnesses may be presented to try to provide proof that the child indeed violated the law. The family court judge decides the child committed the crime and that the prosecutor proved its case beyond a reasonable doubt. A dispositional hearing is held after this point to determine the child's fate.

A judge considers the child's behavior and health status as well as the nature of the delinquent act in order to determine an outcome. Judges have a great deal of discretion when it comes to juvenile penalties. The judge may determine that the person in question is to be placed in a juvenile detention facility under supervision or subject to confinement. Your Nassau County juvenile defense attorney can explore the options.

A conditional discharge or probation may also be assigned which would require living at home and also abiding by certain conditions. In the event that juvenile who has been accused and found guilty of such a crime violates these conditions, another disposition hearing may be scheduled wherein stronger penalties are assessed. Consulting with an experienced juvenile defense attorney is necessary for your future.

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