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Brooklyn Sex Crimes

Any type of sex offense has high stakes involved for the person accused because of the life lasting consequences. If convicted of a sex crime in Brooklyn, you could be required to register as a sex offender for the remaining of your life.

You can expect any conviction of a sex crime to alter all aspects of your life for the long term. For this reason you want to hire an experienced Brooklyn sex crime defense attorney to explain the charges to you as well as the potential convictions and consequences. You need a Brooklyn sex crime defense lawyer to represent you from the outset of your case, and you need to have confidence in your lawyer that he or she is capable of handling the charges that are both sensitive and serious in nature.

The potential long-term impact for your life should prompt you to hire a lawyer you can count on. There are many different types of sex crimes and sexual assault charges throughout the state of New York that could apply for relevant conviction and consequences such as registering as a sex offender. You need to understand the nature of the charges against you and the potential consequences, particularly if you are facing felony allegations.

A sex crime defense lawyer in Brooklyn will help you to figure out the best way to mount a defense against these serious charges. In the state of New York, when the accused is convicted of a felony that has sexual motivation and such a felony is already a violent offense, any sexually motivated felony is classified as a violent offense.

When a person is charged and later convicted of offenses under the umbrella of sex crimes, a sexually motivated felony will be classified at the same level as the specific offense that the defendant allegedly committed. Under the laws outlined in the New York Penal Code, every offense defined considers that the sexual act was committed without consent of the victim, regardless of whether or not it is specifically stated in that penal code. If you have been accused of any sex crime in New York, you need to avoid speaking to the police about having legal representation.

Why You Need a Lawyer to Help with Criminal Charges

A sex crime defense attorney in Brooklyn can help you determine what you do need to share with police versus what you should keep quiet. Anything you say to the authorities may help them carry out an investigation against you and pursue conviction. Mandatory registration as a sex offender under SORA and harsh prison sentences may apply if you are convicted. Even the accusation that you have committed a sex crime carries a social stigma.

You need someone to protect your good name, your rights and your freedom. In most sex crime allegations in New York, there are no witnesses to the alleged crime and no injuries or evidence to support the accuser's statement. Even when the allegations are proved to be false in court, they can be long lasting and devastating. It's crucial that you find a Brooklyn sex crime defense lawyer who wants to figure out the best way to defend you against rape and other sex crime charges. You need to consult with a knowledgeable sex crime attorney immediately. The majority of sexual offenses in this category are classified as strict liability crimes, meaning that the prosecution is not responsible for illustrating that you intentionally broke the law. You could be punished for a strict liability offense in New York, even if you had no idea that your acts were criminal in nature. A person can also be found guilty of rape or other sex crimes if they believe that their partner was of legal age to consent to sex but he or she was not. In these delicate situations the right lawyer is crucial.

You have rights and even when the police suspect that you could have committed a sex crime, you still should have those rights protected. When the police break procedure or fail to provide you with your constitutionally protected rights, your lawyer might use this information to defend you.

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