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Brooklyn Federal Criminal Defense

There are a number of different crimes that fall under the umbrella of federal charges. If you are currently under investigation or have already been indicted in federal court, you need a Brooklyn federal criminal defense attorney. Federal crimes are extremely serious and you should take them seriously by retaining a lawyer you can trust.

The police and other authorities involved in your case will move quickly once there appears to be enough evidence to proceed with a trial. In fact, the prosecution likely already thinks they’ll be able to obtain a conviction by the time they formally charge you with a federal crime. It might seem as though the entire experience is coming out of the blue, but the prosecution may take advantage of their lead time to catch you off guard. The only way you can respond and level the playing field is by setting aside time in which you can chat with an experienced lawyer to defend your interests.

A Brooklyn federal criminal defense lawyer is your most important asset as you move forward in a compelling defense against these charges. You know that you need the right lawyer, if you are already under investigation or if you have already been accused. A federal criminal defense lawyer in Brooklyn can help you to figure out what you can and can't do after being accused.

Hiring the first attorney to return your phone call could be a mistake and could expose you to serious challenges down the road. Make sure you hire the right kind of attorney. You need to hire someone who is highly experienced with federal crimes and in particular white-collar crimes or drug crimes depending on the charges in your case. Federal criminal charges are often only filed after lengthy investigations which means that you could have been unknowingly the suspect of a federal criminal defense investigation for some time without being able to get your own legal help to represent you. Federal crimes run the gamut in terms of severity but multiple federal crimes may be charged altogether. For example, one such federal allegation is mail fraud. Even if you did not believe at the time that you were using the U.S. mail for the purpose of carrying out fraud, this crime may apply if you use U.S. mail at any point in time to further fraud. This means that even if there were other elements of your criminal case that you could also be facing allegations of mail fraud. Since the intent to defraud someone is such a broad statute and element of federal criminal charges, the prosecutors may also pursue this if they think they have a good chance of winning it even if there is not enough evidence for other federal criminal charges to apply. If you have already been contacted because you are under investigation or if you have been charged at this point, you need an attorney who knows how the federal criminal investigations and charging situations works. The only way to mount a compelling defense is to hire a lawyer in Brooklyn who knows what it’s going to take to help you avoid the serious and life changing consequences of being convicted. Don't be one of the people who waits too long to hire the right lawyer. You need to recognize that your freedom, your family and your livelihood may be at stake in a federal crime. Some of the most common federal crimes include:

  • Bribery
  • Tax fraud
  • Health fraud
  • Drug crimes
  • Mail fraud, wire fraud and bank fraud
  • Computer crimes
  • Guns and weapons charges
  • Internet crimes
  • Federal appeals

You may not understand all of the various elements in play when you have been accused of fraud but your attorney might. Your lawyer may also be able to tell you in greater detail what you should do to protect yourself and whether or not there are problems with the prosecution's case. In many situations the federal government and authorities investigating this crime will not move forward with official criminal charges unless they believe they have enough information. That's why you need to take action sooner by calling a lawyer when you are under investigation if possible.

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