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Brooklyn Misdemeanor

Have you recently been accused of any misdemeanor charge in Brooklyn? If so, it is imperative to find an attorney you can trust to handle the criminal defense aspect of your claim. A criminal charge of any type can present unique challenges for you if you’re convicted, so it’s important to consider how hiring a lawyer can help you immediately after being arrested. If multiple misdemeanors apply at the same time, the stakes are even higher for you and your future. It’s critical that you have a lawyer who can help.

Misdemeanors have the impression of not being as serious as felony charges. In general felony charges carry stiffer penalties and longer lasting consequences. However, it is equally important to identify an experienced misdemeanor attorney. Many people do not understand the distinction between infractions, misdemeanors and felonies in New York.

Regardless of the criminal charges you are facing at the moment, the right Brooklyn misdemeanor defense attorney can help to evaluate the strength of your own defense and prepare a compelling strategy to help keep you out of jail and avoid other consequences. A misdemeanor in New York can be anything from shoplifting to disorderly conduct. The most serious of criminal charges in the United States include felonies, which can include time spent in federal or state prisons. The least serious type of criminal issues includes infractions, which are traffic fines and tickets. The majority of offenses fall under the category of misdemeanor, and a Brooklyn misdemeanor defense lawyer is an important asset as you negotiate the criminal justice system and avoid consequences.

What might be classified as a felony in one state might be different in New York. So you need to understand the nature of your charges and the best way to defend them. Some of the most common misdemeanor charges in New York that should prompt you to hire a misdemeanor defense attorney in Brooklyn include:

  • Petty theft
  • Animal crimes
  • Vandalism
  • Prostitution
  • Drug possession
  • Public intoxication
  • Simple assault
  • Disorderly conduct

A misdemeanor defense lawyer in Brooklyn can help you to understand the potential for facing multiple charges at the same time. More misdemeanors being charged at the same time could enhance your potential penalties. The maximum punishment for New York misdemeanors in 12 months of incarceration in a local jail, and this is typically reserved for Class A misdemeanors. This is considered one step down from a felony and the most serious type of misdemeanor.

Should the courts go lightly on Class A misdemeanors, this could encourage crimes or give the appearance of being light on crime. So if you are facing Class A misdemeanor allegations, you need an attorney to help you figure out how to avoid this. Many people fall for the myth that a misdemeanor with no previous criminal record will not lead to jail time. This is untrue. The crime itself, the ADA, the county in which you have been charged and your attorney will all factor in to the type of disposition you'll receive for your offense, and certain counties are much more likely to assign mandatory jail terms for a Class A misdemeanor offense. Some jurisdictions also Brooklyn.

However, other counties will go in several different directions. In general, with misdemeanors, the courts will try to punish individuals using other means like part time jail on the weekends, community service, short term sentences or probation. If the person has multiple prior offenses however, a judge is less likely to use alternative means. Misdemeanors are a serious matter that should prompt you to get help from a lawyer you can trust.

If you avoid getting an attorney who is knowledgeable about protecting you from the consequences of a misdemeanor conviction, you could learn this too late and be coping of the consequences because you failed to hire a lawyer you could trust. The right Brooklyn misdemeanor defense lawyer is a major asset in your case, both as it relates to understanding your charges and figuring out the best way to fight against them. Remember that a misdemeanor defense lawyer will have years of experience working in the field and be familiar with some of the most common defense strategies to help you.

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