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Brooklyn Child Pornography

When you have been accused of child pornography, these are serious allegations and ones worth contacting an experienced child pornography lawyer in Brooklyn. The punishments for these crimes across New York, no matter where you’re located, can mean years, decades or sometimes life in prison. If you know someone who is facing any child pornography or charges relating to online crimes, choosing the right attorney to is one of the most crucial aspects of your criminal defense. It is essential that you retain the services of a highly experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney that has a proven track record of protecting others, who have been accused of this stigmatized crime.

Many people assume that child pornography cases are not as serious as other crimes like grand larceny or murder, but consequences for your future can easily still apply.

Child pornography cases are some of the most frightening charges that a person can face. In many cases, the allegations in and of themselves are enough to damage a person's life. This could lead to loss of employment or lost family relationships. You need someone who is committed and prepared to handle these delicate cases. The legal team may include private investigators, forensic experts and those with law enforcement background as well as seasoned attorneys. Your Bronx child pornography lawyer can protect your interests effectively.

A legal team should be prepared to think outside the box and understand how recent advancements in technology make it possible to mistakenly view materials that could be categorized as child pornography. While many child pornography cases in New York involve hundreds of thousands of images and videos stored on someone's devices, in other cases, just having one image that could be classified as child pornography may lead to criminal charges.

An attorney who is committed to working closely with psychologists, psychiatrists, investigators and any other experts, can help to give you, as a client, as many options as possible in defending your case. If there are previous felony convictions on your record, you may face a higher sentence or even life in prison if you are convicted of child pornography in New York. Federal child pornography charges alone can lead to a lengthy prison sentence if convicted.

Consequences for Child Pornography

You can face consequences that may be more harmful than jail time, although jail time may also be assessed in your case. If you are put on probation, the period of probation could be extended to twice as long as normal and one of the most damaging aspects of being convicted of child pornography is registering as a sex offender. There are three different levels of sex offenders and depending on which one you are categorized as, you will face an increasing list of restrictions including, but not limited to all of these;

  • Whether you can possess a computer.
  • Whether you can have a cellphone.
  • Where you can live.
  • Where you can work.
  • Whether you can leave the jurisdiction of your parole or probation.
  • Whether you can visit museums, malls or parks.
  • Whether you can continue to live with your children.
  • Whether you can have photographs of children.
  • Whether you can drink alcohol.

Even if you never had contact with a person, you could still be designated a sex offender. This could result from being charged with and convicted of disseminating indecent material to a minor in violation of penal law 235.22 in New York. This includes inviting a child to engage in sexual intercourse or sending any communication that in part or in whole describes images or words related to sexual conduct, nudity or sadomasochistic abuse that could be harmful to minors. If you are convicted of this crime, you may become a registered sex offender.

Alleged sex offenders are often critically concerned about their ability to protect their future and keep or find meaningful employment. But registering as a sex offender and being convicted of such a crime can have life changing consequences. Identifying the right child pornography attorney in Brooklyn to help protect you and assist you with this sensitive and delicate matter is crucial because many other people may not feel comfortable discussing this issue with you. Your Brooklyn child pornography attorney should have a track record of helping other individuals who have accused of sex crimes and child pornography.

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