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Bronx Robbery

Being accused of robbery, as with any other serious or potentially violent crime, has the potential to cause significant consequences for your future. You need a Bronx robbery defense lawyer who is committed to exploring all of the avenues through which you may be able to defend your case. Robbery may be assessed in conjunction with other crimes, like burglary. The specifics of your case will determine what supplementary charges are given at the same time, and these can elevate the potential punishment.

The right robbery defense lawyer in the Bronx can help to evaluate the prosecution’s evidence against you, as well as any opportunities for diminishing or eliminating the charges entirely. Robbery is classified as a felony in New York, making it all the more important to hire a Bronx robbery defense attorney, who has extensive experience working with felony charges.

A conviction could land you in prison for multiple years and could also lead to catastrophic fines. You cannot afford to lose and therefore, you need a robbery defense attorney in the Bronx who maintains a track record of successfully helping other people in situations like this. There is simply too much on the line and waiting too long to get legal help or entrusting your case to someone you do not know well could lead to major consequences. Make sure that you hire a defense attorney, who has a track record of serving other clients in similar felony level charges. This could make a significant difference in the outcome of your case.

Robbery refers to forcibly stealing the property of someone else. Any kind of theft crime, whether it is petty or grand larceny or burglary can lead to serious penalties. This is why you need experienced legal counsel immediately after an arrest. Depending on the circumstances of your case, the prosecutors and district attorneys may try to assess a class D, C or B felony, with up to 25 years in prison.

Only the help of a skilled criminal defense attorney can ensure that these charges are potentially mitigated as much as possible. There are several different legal issues involved in the process of defending a robbery allegation. The first is the pleading requirements. The prosecutor has to plead and prove all of the elements associated with the degree of robbery with which you have been charged. These degrees include:

  • First degree robbery, which happens when a defendant forcibly steals another's property and causes physical harm to an innocent individual, threatens or uses a dangerous instrument or displays the fire arm or is armed with a deadly weapon. There is often a great deal of overlap between first and second degree burglary which should be evaluated by your criminal defense attorney immediately to assure you have been appropriately charged.
  • Second degree robbery, which happens when a defendant acts with an accomplice present at the scene and forcibly steals someone's property, causes physical harm to any innocent individual, when the property in question is an automobile or displays a weapon like a knife or a pistol.
  • Third degree robbery, which happens any time that something is stolen with a threat or the use of physical force. In many robbery cases, discovery will be a crucial component of your ability to defend yourself. It often consists of incriminating testimony from the victim of the crime or a witness to the crime directly. Lab reports and evidence about any weapons that were used in the commission of a crime as well as booking and police reports can also prove critical element in robbery allegations.

Key witnesses are often the crux of the prosecution's case. Many robbery cases in New York are prosecuted with nothing more than testimony from witnesses to the crime and the victim, as well as any law enforcement officers who arrived at the scene. It typically falls upon the defendant to produce other witnesses to the extent that they exist. A comprehensive criminal defense strategy should always be used if you have been accused of robbery or if you are under investigation for it and have been charged. The right lawyer can give you a lot more information about how you can expect to protect yourself.

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