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Bronx Gun Crime

Being accused of any gun crime in the Bronx or elsewhere throughout New York is an unnerving experience and one that should be handled directly by a Bronx gun crime defense lawyer. The right gun crime defense lawyer in the Bronx can help you to determine the evidence the prosecution has against you as well as any opportunities to have these charges minimized or reduced. Federal laws are involved in gun crimes assessed in the Bronx. These federal laws regulate the behavior of anyone who sells, possesses, manufactures, or buys firearms.

Violations of any of these different regulations can lead to severe consequences such as lengthy time in prison. If you are facing any federal firearm charge, a Bronx gun crime defense attorney should be retained immediately. Without the advice and insight provided by a gun crime defense attorney in the Bronx, you may be likely to make common mistakes that could lead to more time in prison or a higher chance of conviction. There are several different crimes associated with gun charges throughout New York.

Illegal Possession of a Firearm

Federal law prohibits many different categories of individuals from owning or possessing firearms including fugitives, convicted felons, illegal aliens, someone who has a restraining order out against them, anyone who is committed to a mental institution, someone convicted of domestic violence and those dishonorably discharged from the armed forces.

Possession of an Unregistered Firearm

When you purchase a firearm, it must be appropriately registered because federal laws not only designate who is allowed to own a firearm but that the firearm itself must be registered.

Illegal Trafficking of a Firearm

Illegally trafficking by moving firearms from a legal owner to an illegal market or illegal owner is against the law and can lead to consequences.

Illegal Sale of a Firearm

Unless you are properly licensed, it is illegal to transport, ship or receive firearms internationally or across state lines. It is also illegal for someone to sell firearms to anyone other than a licensed manufacturer, collector, dealer, or importer.

Illegally Altering, Removing, or Destroying a Serial Number

Federal laws prohibit you from making changes to a gun that would classify as being illegally altered.

There are other federal gun charges such as making false statements on a federal firearm registration application to using a firearm in a drug trafficking or violent crime. Multiple charges may be assessed at the same time that could increase your chances of a conviction or severe consequences. Regardless of the specific charges assessed in your case, it is in your best interests to retain an attorney who has a reputation for serving others who have been assessed with gun crime. You need someone looking at all the possible risks when you’ve been accused so that you know what to expect.

Someone who has years of experience in this field can give you more information about which options may make the most sense for you. Reviewing the facts of your case should be the first step engaged in by your federal criminal defense attorney. He or she can explore all possible avenues for defense and talk to the prosecution about the potential for minimizing the consequences or the charge itself.

Knowing that you have a lawyer who is committed to looking out for your best interests can make a big impact on your case because no one else in the criminal justice system will be as concerned about how the outcome will affect you and what may happen to your future as your own criminal defense attorney.

Trying to handle a case like this on your own or leaving it up to a lawyer who does not have a track record in this field could mean significant consequences and problems in the future. Do not hesitate to find an attorney who knows what gun crimes are, has handled federal charges like this before and is committed to giving you the personalized attention you deserve when you are facing criminal consequences. Do not let too much time go by before scheduling a consultation. If you have already been arrested and accused of a gun crime, you need to respond seriously by retaining a lawyer you can trust.

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