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Bronx Stalking Defense Attorney

If you are currently under investigation for stalking, your ability to protect yourself depends on your willingness to hire a Bronx stalking defense attorney immediately. You might assume that the situation is being blown out of control or that it is a mistake that you have been named overall. However, any type of stalking charge should be taken seriously and to lead you to contact a stalking defense attorney in the Bronx who can help you to navigate the legal system effectively.

Many people are shocked to learn that they have been accused of stalking and it can be extremely embarrassing as well as frustrating to cope with the legal aspects of being accused of any crime in the state of New York particularly stalking. This can have a damaging effect on your reputation and your employment prospects but those situations can be much more aggravated if you are ultimately convicted of the crime. Therefore, you need a Bronx stalking defense lawyer who has handled cases like this before and knows the common tactics engaged in by the accusing party and the prosecution.

Having someone who is advocating for your best interests can give you a greater sense of peace of mind when you are facing any type of stalking allegation. Misdemeanor stalking maybe alleged when an individual intentionally and for no legitimate purpose participates in a course of actions that are directed at another individual and knows that these actions will cause mental/economic harm or fear. There are many different mediums through which the actions may be elevated to the level of criminal stalking charges.

These can include communication based on emails, twitter, text messages, telephone calls, social media applications and other communication. It may also be accused based on following the victim or getting a third party to do so. If you are facing stalking allegations, you could not even be aware of the allegations on the part of the victim or the claims that it went too far. Depending on the quantity of the evidence of harassing conducts or threats, more severe charges may be assessed and these charges can always be elevated based on specific factors.

A misdemeanor stalking case maybe the least serious but it is still one that should prompt you to contact an experienced attorney. In many cases an order of protection is distributed as soon as possible when you go to court for the first time, order you to stay away from the alleged victim.

Even in cases in which the victim says it is fine for you to contact him or her after the establishment of a protection order, you may be accused of violating a protection order in the Bronx; yet another criminal charge that requires insights from an experienced attorney. You could be subjected to separate and additional penalties for violating the order of protection.

What You Need to Know About New York Misdemeanor Stalking Charges?

Stalking in the third degree and stalking in the fourth degree are misdemeanor charges that could lead to probation of up to three years, up to a year in jail and probation together, a permanent criminal record and interim probation supervision. There can be significant consequences associated with any type of stalking charge and you should be prepared for the fact that the prosecution will likely only move forward with the claim after they have ample evidence against you. For this reason, you need to be able to consult with an attorney immediately after you have been accused of stalking to give yourself a better understanding of the legal consequences involved and what you must do to protect yourself after you have been accused of stalking or violating a protection order.

Whether it is a domestic violence issue that has gotten out of control or a situation that is being interpreted far too seriously for the circumstances, you need to ensure that you have someone on your side who is committed to doing everything possible to protect you and your interests. Do not hesitate to contact a knowledgeable stalking defense lawyer in the Bronx who has years of experience in this field so that he or she can provide you with further details about possible defenses to stop the allegations.

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