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Bronx Kidnapping

Being accused of kidnapping as with many other types of charges can be an overwhelming experience that requires you to consult with an attorney you trust. No one wants to find themselves in the position of facing allegations of any type of serious violent crime but that can be the case for someone who is accused of kidnapping. If you believe you are currently under investigation for kidnapping, you need a Bronx kidnapping defense attorney as soon as possible. If you broke into someone’s home and held that person captive, you could be accused of burglary as well. Multiple crimes assessed at the same time can increase your potential penalties.

The right kidnapping defense attorney in the Bronx can advise you more about the specific charges you are facing and the most appropriate way to handle them. If you have already been charged with kidnapping or if you anticipate facing these charges, it is crucial to find the right Bronx kidnapping defense lawyer immediately because the potential for being incarcerated up to 25 years in addition to severe penalties may apply in your case.

You need to find these services provided by an experienced kidnapping defense attorney in the Bronx who can help you to navigate these complicated circumstances. Your attorney should be familiar with the common tactics engaged in by prosecutors so that you can respond appropriately and decrease your chances of facing time behind bars. In many cases kidnapping charges arise as a result of a situation that was taken out of context or one in which someone was falsely accused. You must be able to place confidence in the right kidnapping defense attorney in the Bronx to help you with this situation.

Someone who has years of experience in this field is strongly recommended. The stakes are extremely high in any kidnapping case and you therefore need a legal team that is capable of fighting against these charges quickly and effectively. You may be facing kidnapping charges alone or in conjunction with federal kidnapping charges or related state charges. You can be accused of kidnapping in the second degree in the event that you allegedly abducted another person. This can be charged as a class A-1 felony in the first degree if there are any aggravating elements present at the time of the crime.

You must have abducted another individual and kept such a person restrained for a minimum of 12 hours as well as had the intent to terrorize the individual for the commission of another crime categorized as a felony, interfere with government operations or influence the political system or to inflict physical injury or sexual assault on the kidnapped individual. Typically, kidnapping cases are prosecuted by New York state; however, a federal prosecution maybe involved if you took the person across state lines or international border.

Other additional crimes may apply depending on the circumstances of your case including labor trafficking or illegal imprisonment. These involve situations that could be categorized as misdemeanors or felonies, such as unlawful imprisonment. Labor trafficking would involve charges that you use some means to compel or induce a person to engage in labor, whereas unlawful imprisonment refers to situations in which the person committing the crime never moved the victim to another location but prevented him or her from leaving.

Compulsion can also include some other elements such as preventing freedom of movement by destroying documents or providing alcohol or drugs. Kidnapping is considered one of the most severe felony charges that an individual can face in New York state. If you believe that the charges are forthcoming or if officers have already instigated to you that you will be charged, sooner rather than later, you should retain an attorney.

The right lawyer can have a significant impact on your ability to avoid time behind bars as well as the other severe consequences of a criminal conviction. Simply put, there is too much on the line for you to leave this up to chance. Rather it is strongly recommended that you find an attorney you can trust immediately so that you have the peace of mind provided by a lawyer who will work hard on your behalf from day one.

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