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Bronx Burglary

Burglary is considered a felony charge in the state of New York that is often prosecuted with other crimes, including breaking and entering. All criminal trespassing matters are often categorized under the term burglary. Unlike other crimes involving the theft of a physical property, burglary also implies a premeditated intention to commit a crime. In other word, the burglar entered the residence uninvited and intended to commit a crime.

If something happens and another person accuses you or burglary, or the police name you as a suspect in an ongoing burglary case, what should you do? What mistakes should you try to avoid? These and other critical questions can be answered by scheduling a meeting with a lawyer who has handled cases like this in the past. The opportunity to make a mistake early on in your case is very high, and far too many people find themselves behind bars because they didn’t take these allegations seriously. Don’t be someone like that who makes a big mistake with your case- you deserve to know how to handle your case the right way to avoid criminal penalties.

You’re not the first person to be accused of breaking the law in the Bronx and you won’t be the last, either. However, you need to realize that those steps you take right after being accused may haunt you for years to come if you don’t spend the time and energy to find a lawyer who is right for your needs. Talk to someone who will give you a fair chance when it comes to putting together a legal case representing your best interests.

The courts highly penalize these charges in New York with many resulting in jail or prison sentences, if you are convicted in the Bronx on a burglary charge. It is critical to understand that due to the association of premeditation with a burglary charge that you need to develop a successful defense as soon as possible with a Bronx burglary defense attorney. It is extremely rare in the state of New York to be charged with just one account of burglary.

You need a knowledgeable burglary defense attorney in the Bronx to help mitigate or reduce these charges to avoid jail time and other negative consequences of a felony conviction. The New York penal code specifically outlines the charges of burglary as well as related offenses like trespassing.

You could be accused of criminal trespass and burglary or criminal trespassing in the third degree, second degree or first degree. You could also be accused of the related charge of possession of a burglar’s tool or unlawful possession of radio devices. If you have recently been accused of burglary in New York, you need a Bronx burglary defense lawyer who is knowledgeable about these charges and who will work hard on your behalf to assist you. There is a lot on the line when it comes to the consequences of being convicted of burglary in New York. There are six primary types of burglary offenses in the Bronx and throughout New York. Whether it’s criminal mischief or some other charge, taking control of your future with a lawyer is necessary.

First to fourth degree burglary, attempted burglary, and possession of burglary tools are these key charges you may be facing. Felony offenses apply to first degree burglary through fourth degree burglary charges. Burglary four is an E-felony, burglary three is a D-felony, burglary two is a C-felony and burglary one is B-felony with up to 25 years in prison. Variables can also distinguish one type of burglary from another and therefore the charges that you may be facing.

Some of these factors include the crime that the defendant was intending to commit whether or not a victim was injured and whether any weapons were used. This could lead the district attorney to charge you with a higher degree of burglary or to assess associated charges.

Aggressive action by an experienced Bronx criminal defense attorney is strongly recommended if you find yourself in the position of being accused of burglary. With so much on the line for your future, don’t try to handle these charges on your own. Contact an experienced burglary defense lawyer in the Bronx.

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