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Bronx Endangering the Welfare of a Child Attorney

You should never assume that endangering the welfare of a child is a minor charge and one that you can handle on your own. In fact, you need an experienced Bronx child endangerment defense attorney who understands the various implications of a conviction of endangering the welfare of a child. This can be especially problematic when the minor in question is your own child especially if you are currently involved in a custody situation or are concerned about losing access and visitation with your own children. Suspects can be charged under two child endangerment statutes. A child endangerment attorney in the Bronx can help you with a broad range of charges, including kidnapping and other related issues.

They are defined under New York penal law section 260.10. This establishes punishments for adults who have behaved in a way that could be potentially harmful to a minor. In some cases, this may be called contributing to the delinquency of a minor in states outside of New York. There are various defenses that may apply in an endangering the welfare of a child case in New York.

Being able to schedule a consultation with an experienced child endangerment lawyer in the Bronx is a crucial element of being able to find opportunities to represent yourself and to minimize or eliminate consequences entirely. Exaggerated and false allegations can lead to an unfounded child endangerment charge that could damage your reputation, your family and your freedom in the future. In some cases, a person may have acted inappropriately but certainly not in a way that would elevate this to a criminal offense. Sometimes these allegations can be raised in conjunction with domestic violence charges.

Having a Bronx child endangerment lawyer who will advocate for you over the duration of your case is a crucial component of being able to protect yourself and avoid the negative penalties associated with child endangerment. If you have been charged with endangering the welfare of a child in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens or elsewhere in Suffolk and Nassau county, you need legal representation immediately. Making small mistakes such as providing too much information to the police only makes it easier for them to pursue a conviction against you whereas exercising your right to speak with a criminal defense attorney immediately gives you the opportunity to know whether or not you need to speak up and other actions that you could take to protect yourself. Hiring a knowledgeable attorney early on in your case may maximize your chances of a positive outcome if your attorney is able to gather favorable evidence and put together assertive defenses to fight these charges.

Types of New York Law Child Endangerment Issues

New York law currently stipulates misdemeanor versions of child endangerment. Any woman or man who intentionally behaves in a way that could cause injury to the mental or physical welfare of a child or who intentionally acts in a manner that could endanger the moral welfare of a child aged 16 or younger could be found guilty of endangering the welfare of a child in New York. This sub section of New York penal law 260.10 further goes into detail about directing or authorizing a child to work in an employment position that increases his or her risk of death or injury substantially. This crime can be charged when law enforcement has reason to believe that the accused individual;

  • Provided the child with drugs or alcohol
  • Sold drugs in front of the child
  • Drove under the influence of alcohol or while impaired by drugs
  • Committed an act of assault or domestic violence in front of the child

The prosecutor is not responsible for illustrating that an injury actually occurred in order to pursue a conviction under New York's child endangerment statute. Rather the law focuses specifically on the potential for injury to the child mentally, morally or physically. Sub section 2 of this statute applies only to the guardian or the child's parent. This individual is tasked with protecting the child and providing proper medical care, shelter and food. Failing to provide for such basic needs could lead to criminal prosecution when it is argued that the guardian or parent refused to exercise diligence in the control of a child under age 17 to prevent the child from becoming neglected, a juvenile delinquent, a child in need of supervision, or abused.

If you have been accused of endangering the welfare of a child, whether it is your own child or someone else's, being able to respond appropriately by retaining an experienced New York criminal defense attorney should be one of the first things you do after being accused. These matters are serious and can have a negative implication on your future.

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