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Suffolk County Robbery

Have you recently been accused of robbery or are you currently under investigation for the same? You need the services that can only be provided by a Suffolk County robbery defense lawyer. Both robbery and burglary charges are serious matters that require a lawyer who cares.

A robbery defense lawyer in Suffolk County will evaluate all aspects of your case to determine whether or not your rights were violated, whether evidence was collected or stored improperly or whether there were any other mitigating factors that could lead to a reduction in the charges or the dismissal of your entire case. In New York, robbery is defined as a situation in which a person steals money or property by using the threat of force or force itself. The threat of force has been categorized to include intimidation. The elements that make a charge of robbery include the stealing of personal property or money from a victim, lack of victim consent and the intent to rob that person on the part of the offender.

The accused in question may or may not have acted with premeditation or deliberation and he or she does not have to make an express demand for money or property in order for this crime to be categorized as robbery. In New York, robbery is divided into first, second and third degree felony charges. If you or someone you know has already been charged with robbery, it is imperative to hire a robbery defense attorney in Suffolk County to protect the accused rights.

Any person who has been accused of a crime still has constitutional and other rights that cannot be violated by the police in the officer's zealous attempt to collect evidence or arrest a person. It is strongly recommended that you do not speak to any law enforcement officer or other related personnel until you've had the opportunity to talk directly with a Suffolk County robbery defense attorney.

Exercising your right to speak to an attorney is something you should pursue immediately. Extensive legal knowledge is something you should look for in an experienced criminal defender. Robbery in the first degree is the most severe form of robbery but it's important to remember that anyone who has been accused of robbery in Suffolk County could benefit from the services provided by an attorney. The police may try to encourage you to sign statements or to provide a confession by making it seem as though this is cooperation on your part that could reduce the severity of your penalties.

Far too many people make the mistake of giving up information without first having a consultation with their lawyer. All you are doing is making the police officer's job that much easier and you are enabling them to zealously pursue a prosecution once it's handed over to the district attorney.

A maximum sentence of 25 years in prison applies to robbery in the first-degree charges. However, mandatory minimums are in place. While the judge does have some discretion about how much time you may spend in prison if convicted beyond mandatory minimum, this is a chance you do not want to take without hiring a criminal defense attorney you can trust. The mandatory minimum sentence guideline, even for a person who has no prior criminal record, is five years upon a robbery conviction in New York.

Second and third degree robbery still carry serious penalties, even though they are not as severe as first degree robbery. You may spend 2 to 7 years maximum in prison for a conviction of third degree robbery. However, that is elevated to 15 years for second degree robbery. In most cases, second degree robbery involves a situation in which two or more individuals are working together to commit a robbery. Competent legal representation should be your first phone call when you have been accused of robbery in Suffolk County. Your future depends on your ability to take these charges seriously and to hire a lawyer you can trust. You need to know that you have someone advocating for your rights and pursuing opportunities to protect your interests if the police or other authorities have violated your rights or made mistakes in the case. This information could prove imperative in your ability to ward off these charges and the criminal consequences of a conviction. Call an attorney today so that you can have a consultation about your rights and opportunities to avoid these serious charges.

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