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Suffolk County Burglary

It can be shocking to face burglary charges, because many people recognize this as a violent crime with problematic consequences if you’re convicted. Despite this, sometimes people who have been accused of burglary are so certain of their own innocence they try to handle their case on their own.

This can turn out to be a big mistake, whereas hiring a knowledgeable Suffolk County burglary defense lawyer can increase your chances of avoiding life-changing penalties.

What Happens with Most Burglary Charges in NY

When an individual is charged with burglary, it is rare that this is the only allegation. In fact, numerous other criminal charges may apply. Regardless of your current circumstances, you need to know that burglary is a felony offense that has three separate degrees of classification, each of which can be penalized by prison time.

Responding promptly after you have been arrested and requesting to exercise your right to speak to an attorney can make the difference with regard to the types of penalties you face. You need effective as well as immediate representation when you have been accused of burglary or if you believe you are currently under suspicion for the same. The right attorney will be able to take swift action that could help prevent you spending time in prison.

A burglary defense lawyer in Suffolk County is important for understanding your options.

What You Need to Know About Burglary Charges

The New York penal law classifies burglary as knowingly remaining unlawfully or entering into a building with the intention of committing a crime. This felony offense is separate from criminal trespass. While criminal trespass can be pursued as a misdemeanor or a felony, burglary in all classifications is a felony offense. The prosecution has a significant burden of proof as it relates to accusing and convicting you of burglary. They must be able to illustrate that you not only entered the premises illegally, but that you did so with the intention of committing theft, robbery or some other type of crime.

Common Defenses to Burglary Charges

The first step in building a comprehensive criminal defense strategy after being accused of burglary in New York is to retain an attorney who cares about your future. Since burglary charges are often pursued so aggressively in the courts, you need the assistance of an attorney to identify how the prosecution intends to build their burden of proof and what you need to do in return to protect yourself. A defendant must have been found to remain unlawfully or entered a building with the intention of committing a crime inside. There are three different classifications of burglary. These include;

  • Third degree burglary: Third degree burglary may be assessed when you have the intention to commit a crime and have illegally entered or remained in the building to do so.
  • Second degree burglary is alleged if the building is a house, if you have a weapon during the burglary, if you cause injuries to an innocent individual or if you threaten to use a dangerous instrument.
  • First degree burglary: When you cause physical injury to another person, display what appears to be a fire arm, threaten to use a dangerous instrument or enter into a dwelling like a house, first degree burglary charges may apply.

Discoverable evidence in burglary cases may be the crux of your ability to defend yourself. In many cases, it relies on police reports, witness statements, video surveillance of the crime, law enforcement testimony and crime scene forensics. If you were present when the robbery occurred, the defense may attempt to get the charge reduced to the less serious crime of criminal trespass. Furthermore, the right attorney should evaluate the potential defenses to your crime immediately after you have requested legal assistance in order to identify the most appropriate way to protect you.

Other types of materials could help you with establishing that the prosecution has failed to meet the burden of proof in your case. The right criminal lawyer should have a dedicated way for you to contact him or her so that you can get your questions answered over the course of your case. Your Suffolk County burglary attorney is vital for your case outcome.

Don’t work through a burglary charge alone- levy the resources at your disposal with a burglary attorney in Suffolk County.

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