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Suffolk County Federal Criminal Defense

Have you been accused of a federal crime anywhere in New York? If so, you need to schedule phone call immediately with a federal criminal defense attorney in Suffolk County. Being charged with or indictment for federal crime is typically the tip of the iceberg for a person who is trying to identify a Suffolk County federal criminal defense lawyer for assistance. In many cases, a comprehensive and lengthy investigation has already been completed before the criminal proceedings officially start. Whether you’re looking at state misdemeanor allegations or felony charges on a criminal level, only a federal criminal defense lawyer in Suffolk County is looking out for you.

You may have been notified by a government authority, a law enforcement agency, or a federal prosecutor of impending charges. If you discover that you are already under investigation for a federal criminal charge, consulting with a knowledgeable Suffolk County federal criminal defense attorney is the next step. Talking to someone as soon as possible can help you avoid some of the most common mistakes.

When looking for an attorney, you need to find someone who has significant federal criminal defense experience in addition to a team approach that enables you to benefit from the resources, skills and focused attention provided by an attorney. An attorney who is familiar with mitigating damages in the federal system can be extremely valuable for many different reasons.

Multiple different types of federal criminal charges may apply and the stakes can be raised if you are facing several charges at the same time. Knowing that you have avenues available to you in the form of a federal criminal defense attorney in Suffolk County, can give you a greater deal of peace of mind and confidence that someone is handling your case successfully. Some of the most commonly charged types of federal crimes include;

  • Tax crimes
  • Public corruption
  • Federal drug crimes
  • Possession or distribution of internet child pornography
  • Fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Health care fraud
  • Bank fraud

Any kind of federal criminal charge conviction can lead to life lasting and severe consequences. You might be looking at forfeiting your assets, a long period of time in prison and excessive fines. An attorney who understands what is at stake for you and who is interested in pursuing your case zealously can give you a better perspective over what you must do to protect yourself. While no one wants to find themselves in the situation of trying to find an attorney who will fight for them at a moment's notice, it is imperative that you undertake this task with a great deal of care. Your lawyer may be the determining factor in whether or not you are able to avoid severe consequences or reduce the severity of the issue at hand. Getting charges dropped or winning an acquittal at trial is not always realistic and therefore, you want an equipped federal criminal defense attorney who will work to explore other opportunities and to minimize the damage. The negotiation of favorable plea agreements, for example, may be one such way to avoid the severe consequences and you want a lawyer who will give you an honest appraisal of where your case is at and what you can expect.

If you believe that you are already the subject of a federal investigation or if you are currently facing federal criminal charges, time is of the essence. You cannot afford to let too much time lapse without the insight provided by an attorney. The authorities may take advantage of this lack of knowledge on your part and try to encourage you to cooperate with them or to accept a plea deal before you have a realistic understanding of what is involved. Having an attorney to guide you through this process, however, can make you aware of situations in which the federal criminal authorities are not interested in protecting your rights. When this applies to your case, you need to be sure that someone who cares about your future has been retained by an attorney you can trust immediately. Do not hesitate to find a federal criminal defense attorney, who has a clear record of serving clients throughout Suffolk County with care, compassion, and extensive resources. Your future can depend on what you choose to do when hiring a lawyer.

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My wife and I met under some unconventional circumstances. After I had some legal problems, Mr Bilkis and his firm continually got me out of trouble. I then had his firm represented my wife and he got her out of trouble! We are still married and got our ways straightened away. We both can't thank him enough for saving our lives and our families! J.P.
I contacted Stephen Bilkis' office for an issue regarding a family member and I could not be happier with the results. I have recommended the firm to friends and family, all of whom were also ecstatic with Mr. Bilkis and all members of his staff. P.R.
I was in need of legal assistance for a very sensitive matter for a family member. I contacted the law offices of Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC and was met with staff whose demeanor was supportive, compassionate and professional. The lawyer handling our case had many years of experience and treated us as if we were his own family. Our experience was so good, and we became so close to all of the staff and all of the attorneys who assisted us, that we consider them our extended family and continue to send them our home baked gifts for the holidays. P.A.K.
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