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Suffolk County Juvenile Defense

Many people are under the impression that a juvenile who is suspected of a crime will not be facing serious penalties because of his or her age. It can be a major mistake to assume that you do not need the experience of a dedicated Suffolk County juvenile defense attorney when a juvenile is arrested. There are many different complex elements involved in the prosecution of a juvenile and likewise you should have an attorney who has a background helping other juveniles get out of these charges and successfully defend themselves.

It might seem tempting to handle the case without a lawyer’s insight, but juvenile issues can also lead to serious consequences. Given that a younger person has a lot ahead of them in terms of a future, it’s well worth getting advice that only an attorney can provide. Taking action at the outset of the case is the best way to explore whether or not alternative sentencing or treatment is possible. Let the case go too long and you run the risk of encountering major challenges in the justice system. A Suffolk County juvenile defense lawyer is a necessity.

One of the biggest mistakes people make in any juvenile case is assuming that the state won’t put a minor in the position of facing severe penalties. That’s not the case, and the discovery of this too late in your case can be devastating. It’s not worth taking that chance and for that reason, a lawyer should be identified right away.

How New York Views Juvenile Defenders

One of the reasons that it is imperative to identify a Suffolk County juvenile defense lawyer promptly after any charges have been assessed or after an investigation has been opened is that in New York 16 and 17-year-old juveniles are prosecuted as adults when a crime is committed. In cases of some serious offenses, those as young as 13 are prosecuted in adult court.

A juvenile delinquent is classified as anyone between the ages of 7 and 15 that committed a crime. The young offenders are considered for supervision, confinement or treatment.

All delinquency cases for juveniles are heard in family court instead of criminal court. This means that the action in question is referred to as a delinquent act rather than as a crime. This is true whether or not the person is accused of committing an assault offense, violating a drug law or engaging in any other type of unlawful activity.

Defendants 13-15 who are accused of committing a serious or violent offense may be tried in Supreme Court. If any teenager between the ages of 13 and 15 is accused of committing a violent or serious offense, the case can be moved to Supreme Court. If the teen is found guilty or enters a plea, he is categorized as a juvenile offender.

Juvenile offenders in Suffolk County in New York Can be sentenced to prisons that also contain adult offenders. A teen is no longer a juvenile at age 16.

How New York handles Juvenile Offenders

A fact-finding hearing is required for those children under the age of 16 who are accused of committing a delinquent act. There are no juries for cases involving delinquent acts alone. Evidence and witnesses will come forward during the fact-finding hearing to prove that the child has indeed violated the law. The judge may conclude this with a finding that wrongful acts were committed. A lawyer can further explain what these terms mean in a case.

Family court is quite different from criminal court and the fact that bail is not set at an arraignment. Rather the judge will release the child to his or her parents or order the child to juvenile detention facility. If a child is considered delinquent, the judge may order that he or she be placed in a detention facility, subject to confinement or under supervision.

An experienced juvenile defense attorney in Suffolk County can assist you if you find yourself in this situation.

You probably have questions about what to do next if your child has been arrested and accused of a crime. Identifying a juvenile defense lawyer in Suffolk County who has a background in juvenile cases is one of the first things you should do

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