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Suffolk County Bail Reduction

Facing the possibility of bail in conjunction with the criminal charges against you can be an overwhelming experience, particularly when you feel as though the bail amount that has been set is far too high for the circumstances of your case. If you or someone you love has had bail that is set too high, there are certain options for decreasing that payment and enabling the inmates to be released from jail. The most important thing to do in this situation is to retain a Suffolk County bail reduction lawyer who understands the specifics of bail reduction hearings.

After an individual is brought into police custody and has been arrested, they could be eligible for release depending on various factors associated with the case like the individual's criminal history, the alleged crime and his or her ties to the local community.

The court must feel confident that the individual who has been accused of a crime will return for the court date once they have been released. This is where bail, which is typically set during the arraignment hearing, enters the picture. Bail serves as collateral which will help to guarantee to the court that the defendant will come back to appear as ordered. The general purpose is that the person is eligible to recover their bail money, if they comply with any summons for court.

In certain situations, however, bail could be set so high that the defendant has no way of being able to pay it, forcing him or her to stay in jail. If bail is too expensive for you to afford it, do not panic as it may be possible to reduce the cost with the help of a Suffolk County bail reduction attorney experienced with this area of the lawyer.

Excessive bail is prohibited by the U.S. constitution and a federal law known as the bail reform act gives criminal defendants the opportunity to request bail reduction through an official hearing. At such a hearing, the judge determines whether there have been any changes in the circumstances at the case, like the introduction of new evidence. Your attorney then presents evidence and supporting arguments to suggest that a bail reduction is warranted.

There are many different crimes for which bail could be set including DWI, burglary, assault, drug possession, robbery, white collar crimes, gun crimes and murder. The judge will evaluate whether or not the person who has been accused has a high chance of committing another crime and whether there is any other danger to the community. At your arraignment hearing, the district attorney will request that bail be set. Your bail reduction lawyer in Suffolk County will attempt to dissuade the judge from ordering bail or for your lawyer to request a bail reduction. If bail is set, it will be up to your family and friends to post bail. If your attorney requests bail reduction, the court will review the new information presented by your bail reduction attorney in Suffolk County.

In some situations in which there have been major changes in circumstances, for example, the court may eliminate bail altogether of decrease it. If bail is posted and you fail to appear in court, however, the court will forfeit this money and it is awarded directly to the state of New York. If you complete all requested appearances in court, however, the bail will be returned minus a 3% fee.

In some cases, the judge may try to set the bail amount very high in your Suffolk County criminal case so that you are unable to afford it, but leveraging the expertise of your defense attorney can come in handy as he or she can represent you in the bail reduction hearing.

Knowing that you have someone in your corner makes a big difference when you’re concerned about protecting your interests; find the time to schedule a meeting with a bail reduction lawyer immediately to get a bigger perspective on your case and how to proceed. Don’t wait to get help from someone who cares about your future.

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