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Suffolk County Medicare Fraud

As a health care practitioner, your very future and livelihood could be on the line when someone accuses you of Medicare fraud. Government investigators have increased their aggressive nature in pursuing these kinds of cases in recent years due to the perception that the federal government is being defrauded at a very high rate, in terms of billing for both Medicaid and Medicare fraud.

Medicare fraud involves a number of different situations, all of which rely on the foundational belief that fraud was committed that ultimately took tax payer money for illegal purpose. This could be over-billing or ordering of services that were not necessary. Furthermore, it can include kickbacks and bribery or billing for supplies and equipment that was never purchased. Those patients who have undergone unnecessary treatment or a whistleblower in your office may raise concerns about Medicare fraud, and a Suffolk County Medicare fraud attorney may be your only avenue to protect yourself.

A Medicare fraud defense attorney in Suffolk County should be experienced in this area of the law and willing to do everything in his or her power to protect your interests. Medicare fraud is a serious issue and it is not something that you should take lightly. You should be prepared to understand how a Medicare fraud conviction could influence you, not just in criminal way but also administratively. As a health care provider being convicted of Medicare fraud could cause you to lose your license. The majority of offenses of a criminal nature in New York, are classified into misdemeanors or felonies based on whether or not aggravating factors were present.

You should be told when charged with the crime the official nature of the charges and whether or not any supplementary charges apply in your case. Sometimes the prosecution will pursue numerous charges in an effort to have you convicted on at least one of them if not the biggest or most serious charge. Your lawyer can help you present a compelling defense to all of the charges in question.

If you have been charged with Medicare fraud, you might not realize the dangers of a potential conviction. The federal authorities often conduct comprehensive investigations before arresting someone for Medicare fraud. As any Suffolk County Medicare fraud defense attorney can tell you, if you suspect you are under investigation for Medicare fraud, you probably are and you can benefit from retaining a criminal defense lawyer immediately.

The right lawyer can tell you more about what to expect and what to avoid as you go through the legal process. The sooner you retain a lawyer, the more options will be available to you. Your lawyer may be able to negotiate with the prosecution and those accusing you to minimize the penalties or to have the case dismissed altogether if the evidence is not strong enough. If you try to manage this aspect of the claim on your own, however, you could make major mistakes that could increase your chances of being convicted. Whether your entire company is being accused of Medicare fraud or you as an individual, you should take the situation seriously by retaining a lawyer you can trust. Don't wait until it is too late or after you have already been arrested for Medicare fraud. You need someone who is experienced in defending individuals as well as industry entities against billing or other Medicare fraud. You need a seasoned Medicare fraud defense lawyer to help you with this situation. Complicated billing fraud matters require an immediate investigation. Any type of white collar crime charge can carry significant consequences.

Fraud can be connected to upcoding, double billing, over billing, HIPAA violations or submitting false invoices. If you are not yet aware of any fraud but have already been accused, you need to take all steps necessary to protect your interests by retaining a Medicare fraud defense lawyer in Suffolk County you can trust. In order for an accusation to stick, the prosecution must have serious evidence against you. You need a lawyer who is experienced in untangling this evidence and fighting for your rights.

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