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Suffolk County Medicaid Fraud

When you work in any kind of medical field, the risk of being accused of Medicaid fraud is a serious issue that is often investigated aggressively. Medicaid fraud refers to the billing for services that were never provided, making unnecessary referrals, charging separately for services that are typically offered at a package rate or performing unnecessary tests. Hiring a Medicaid fraud lawyer in Suffolk County is strongly recommended.

No matter how these charges arose, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to advocate for you. Anyone who illegally received Medicaid could be subject to investigation. If you have already received a letter from the NYCHRA, stating that your eligibility for medical health insurance is under review, you could be in investigated for Medicaid fraud. If you’re under investigation, contact a Medicaid fraud defense lawyer.

Why Am I Under Investigation?

Many Medicaid fraud cases in New York are flagged because of the recipients’' omission of full household income on their recertification or application materials. Failing to update the agency about an increase in income is another reason that many people are flagged for potential Medicaid fraud. If you’re being investigated or charged already with any type of fraud, reach out to a Medicaid fraud lawyer in Suffolk County.

Medicaid fraud investigations begin for two main reasons reasons:

  • Failure to disclose the income of people who lived with them or who may have children with them
  • their real earned income or their unearned income.

Various legal consequences may apply if you are convicted of Medicaid fraud. This includes restitution payments, fines and criminal charges. Your employment and immigration status can also be jeopardized.

If you received an investigations letter from the HRA, contact a fraud attorney in New York immediately. Administrative resolution for the case may be available but you need to take action right away. Medicare fraud has been on the rise in recent years. Some cases may have been held in the district attorney's office for years or were just transferred to the office from the HRA Bureau of Fraud Investigations. If your Medicaid fraud investigation ends with criminal charges, you may be arrested and held in jail until you see a judge.

This could take up to 24 hours. Criminal charges against you may also include grand larceny, felony and possession of stolen property, among others. If you are currently under investigation, it would be wise for you to schedule a consultation with a New York Medicaid fraud attorney as soon as possible.

The recipient of Medicaid benefits is always responsible for any information provided on Family Health Plus or Medicaid applications. As soon as you sign your name to an application, you sign under penalty of perjury and confirm that all of the information is indeed true.

If you provide incorrect details, the enrollment agent is not responsible. Once you have already received a letter from the New York HRA office, there is an open investigation involving your case already going on and an investigator may already have evidence or reason to believe that you were not eligible for Family Health Plus or Medicaid insurance. If your letter says that you have a scheduled date to meet with an investigator, you should not attend this meeting on your own.

Contact an experienced Nassau County Medicaid fraud attorney as soon as possible so that you have evidence to fight against these charges. You have a right to legal representation if you are being investigated by HRA. You can bring an attorney to the initial meeting with the investigator or have a meeting with a qualified Medicaid fraud attorney before such a meeting. You also have the right not to answer any questions at the meeting with the investigator.

If there is a potential for criminal prosecution, you may also exercise your right to remain silent. Investigators at HRA have access to many different databases including the New York State Real Estate, New York State Division of Corporations, DMV and more.

They may also personally visit your neighborhood and ask to verify your address or send a request to your employer to find out your actual earned income. Regardless of this situation, your ability to fight these charges depends on your willingness to take action quickly.

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