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Brooklyn Insurance Fraud Defense

If you have been accused of insurance fraud anywhere in New York, it is crucial that you identify an experienced Brooklyn insurance fraud defense attorney who can assist you with these charges. You may assume that this was a simple mistake or a minor omission on an application but these can lead to criminal consequences if you are not careful.

Being accused of insurance fraud should always encourage you to contact an attorney who can provide you more information about the details that the prosecution may already have against you and how they may choose to use this in pursuing criminal charges. It can be overwhelming to realize that at any point in time, criminal charges may be alleged against you.

Most people who find themselves in this situation are overwhelmed as well as frustrated. If you wish to have the guidance of a knowledgeable attorney to protect you in this situation, you need a lawyer that you can trust. Any type of insurance fraud is a serious problem. When you deliver any type of false information to an insurance company in order to obtain something of value, that you otherwise would not have been able to obtain if the facts had been divulged correctly, you may have committed insurance fraud. Certain actions can be unintentional but should still prompt you to hire an experienced attorney. There are several different types of insurance fraud that may lead to criminal charges in the state of New York. These include:

  • Title insurance fraud
  • Life insurance fraud
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Health insurance fraud
  • Medicare fraud
  • Medicaid fraud

Insurance law encompasses a broad range of issues that can relate to business policy holders, insurance companies or single policy holders. There are many different challenges presented in these areas and it is pertinent that you hire an experienced Brooklyn insurance fraud defense lawyer who knows the landscape.

Some of the most common issues in these types of cases include an analysis of policies, inquiries about coverage and agreements with the insurance company directly. Your level of success in a case like this may rely on the knowledge of your insurance fraud attorney in Brooklyn. If you’re facing these or other charges like grand larceny, a lawyer can help.

Whether it involves failure to disclose, intentional misrepresentation, financial misrepresentation or promise without intention of performing, you need the services of an insurance fraud attorney who can help to prepare a compelling defense case. In some serious cases of insurance fraud in New York, it is possible that you could be investigated for a long period of time before you are finally arrested. It is essential for your future that you retain legal representation sooner rather than later. A knowledgeable insurance fraud lawyer will be able to illustrate the mistakes in the prosecution's case such that your reputation and criminal record and future are protected. A deep knowledge of the state and federal legal systems involved in insurance fraud allegations is extremely important. When you need aggressive legal representation in a court for allegations of insurance fraud, you need to schedule a consultation with a lawyer immediately. There are serious penalties and consequences that may be associated with convictions of insurance fraud. These include:

  • First degree charges: Fines of more than $1 million up to 25 years in jail and categorization as a B felony.
  • Second degree insurance fraud charges: As a C felony, this can carry as many as 15 years in jail and up to $50,000 in fines.
  • Third degree charges: As a D felony, this carries up to 7 years in jail and more than $3000 in fines.
  • Fourth degree insurance fraud charges: As an E felony, this carries up to 4 years in jail and more than $1000 in fines.

When you are charged with fraud, the prosecution will work as hard as possible to gather proof against you. Your insurance fraud attorney, however, will rely on documents and statements that made on the witness stand. They must be able to illustrate that the person who has been accused with insurance fraud made fake statements or false statements by conduct or by word. Fraud may also be charged in conjunction with embezzlement.

A knowledgeable New York insurance fraud attorney must be able to effectively cross examine a witness at trial and this is why you need someone who has extensive experience in this field.

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