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Brooklyn Credit Card Fraud Attorney

Being accused of credit card fraud, as with any other crime, can lead to catastrophic consequences if you are not careful to protect yourself against the negative implications of a conviction. The best way to protect yourself is to hire a Brooklyn credit card fraud lawyer.

In New York, credit card fraud is defined as the unauthorized use of someone's card number or debit or credit card directly to fraudulently obtain property or money. This can involve taking someone's credit card and physically using it, but more often in modern times, this involves taking someone's credit card number without their authorization and using the credit card numbers. The right credit card fraud lawyer in Brooklyn can help you with any crime defense.

Furthermore, credit card fraud in New York may occur when you obtain someone else's personal identifying details and apply for credit in that person's name. When you are accused of credit card fraud, you could be facing a federal offense or state charges. You need the help of an experienced Brooklyn credit card fraud attorney to assist when you are facing any of these crimes. Sometimes the FBI will also issue information about their credit card fraud defendants on their most wanted list. These cases are high profile and require the extensive background provided by the right lawyer. Hesitating too long to get help from an experienced attorney could jeopardize your ability to protect your freedom and your future.

Defining Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud schemes include those that are designed to obtain data from major companies. In recent years, stores like Target and Home Depot have been named in credit card fraud schemes. In these situations, a large amount of credit card information is packaged, obtained and sold to third parties. Stolen credit card details can then be used to charge services and goods, acquire assets and property or withdraw funds. In certain situations, the federal government may be become involved in a credit card fraud scheme when it involves large scale amounts of data or fraud itself.

In these situations, a defendant may face indictments on multiple accounts, with each individual charge carrying the potential for a maximum penalty, such as years in prison. It’s important to realize as a New York defendant that not every credit card fraud scheme involves sophisticated plans, hackers or computers. Some of these simply involve stealing a credit card from a person’s wallet and using it without their permission. While these smaller cases may only trigger state level charges, it is just as important to take your case seriously by retaining an experienced attorney. The federal government is eligible to investigate and prosecute whenever a fraud crime occurs that is illegal under the stipulations of the United States code. A knowledgeable credit card fraud attorney can help you to identify the evidence that the state or federal government may have in their possession that will used to convict you. Taking your case seriously, regardless is extremely important. Whenever you have been accused of misuse of credit card data, you need an attorney to help you respond to these charges. There are many different types of credit card fraud that could ultimately lead to criminal allegations. The fraud may include:

  • Debit cards
  • Electronic cards
  • ATMs
  • Gift card
  • Pre-paid credit cards
  • Cards issued by merchants
  • Chip cards
  • Company credit cards

The fraud may also involve identity theft if the suspect poses as the card holder.

International retail fraud charges may also occur when a person off-shore works with individuals in the United States to obtain people's credit card data and then sell it or misuse it. Credit card fraud is almost always a felony offense, which could lead to more than a year in jail time and have significant consequences for your future.

You need the experience provided by a knowledgeable credit card fraud defense attorney in Brookyln to assist you if you are currently facing allegations of fraud involving credit cards. Your future is on the line, so don’t make the mistake that so many accused people do of not taking your freedom and life seriously. The right lawyer is vital for you to be able to protect your interests.

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