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Brooklyn Bribery Attorney

Serious felony offenses should always lead you to pick up the phone and schedule a consultation with a defense attorney in your area immediately. Bribery is one such serious felony offense. If you've already been accused of bribery or believe you are currently under investigation for the same, you need a bribery defense lawyer in Brooklyn immediately. The investigation into bribery charges has probably already started some time before you are officially arrested and preparing for a criminal defense trial. Sometimes, bribery may even be charged in conjunction with other issues, like embezzlement.

The right Brooklyn bribery defense attorney can engage in your case early on to give you a better perspective of what is involved in state and federal laws and how this can converge to lead to serious conviction related penalties. Regardless of any role that you may have played in an alleged bribery, you could be facing jail time and other significant criminal penalties.

Bribery charges often are the result of accepting a bribe or attempting to bribe someone else. A Brooklyn bribery defense lawyer is your most important asset if you have been accused of bribery. Even if you have not yet been formally charged, there is no reason why you should hesitate to schedule a consultation with an attorney you can trust. Any citizens who have been accused of bribery in Brooklyn need legal representation by a prominent bribery defense attorney in Brooklyn who has extensive experience settling these cases and arguing them in court.

What to Do If You Have Been Charged with Bribery in Brooklyn?

Bribery involves giving something of value or offering something of value or receiving and soliciting something of value in order to obtain an unfair or illicit advantage. Bribes are often given to public officials, to private individuals, foreign officials, or private companies. All of these various forms of bribery can be categorized as criminal acts by federal, state or international law. 18 USC section chapter 11 prohibits a broad range of bribery offenses involving elected representatives and government officials. Other regulations and federal laws address particular types of bribery which prohibits bribery of trade purchasers of alcohol. There are no general statutes associated with commercial bribery related to private business entities, however, New York does have laws that involve those beyond public servants. The federal government can also address bribery of certain individuals and this could lead to federal criminal charges that should be handled by a Brooklyn criminal defense attorney.

Types of Bribery

Bribery is prohibited in numerous different forms. One of the most common types of bribery in situations that may apply to your individual criminal charges are illegal kickbacks. Kickbacks refers to items of value or money that are given to an individual in exchange for facilitating a certain type of transaction or for an appointment to public office. Other kinds of bribery can include a witness giving something in exchange for telling a lie on the stand, giving something of value so that public officials will make administrative processes easier or by giving a judge money to issue a particular type of ruling. There are many different types of bribery and it is important to realize the evidence the prosecution may have against you and the specifics of your individual case before moving forward. This is in fact, the best way to pursue a defense of bribery charges because you will have numerous different things to consider and evaluate with the help of a criminal lawyer after being accused of bribery.

The federal government has been aggressive in prohibiting bribery and pursuing it when it involves national and government officials. But bribery in business can also be seen as a recent target. This happens when agents or employees of a company act in their own best interests rather than the employer's business. Commercial bribing in the second degree is outlined under New York Penal Law section 180.00. This is considered as agreeing to confer or offering benefits on a company employee in order to influence that employee's actions without the employer's consent. The value of the benefits involved can enhance the consequences of the alleged crime. You need an attorney who has experience with untangling these complex charges and assisting with the preparation of a comprehensive defense.

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