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Bronx Medicaid Fraud

Accused of Medicaid fraud? Don’t ignore the potential consequences or you could find kicking yourself later when you are facing a conviction. The consequences of Medicaid, Medicare and other types of health care fraud in New York can be overwhelming but thankfully, you can consult with an experienced Bronx Medicaid fraud attorney immediately to protect yourself. Any kind of charge involving fraud is a serious one that could lead to civil and criminal penalties, so it’s far better to be safe than sorry and schedule a meeting with a lawyer you can trust.

If you believe that you already under investigation for Medicaid fraud, you should take this situation very seriously. While some individuals who have been accused of Medicaid fraud in New York will only face a civil suit, in some cases the district attorney will also choose to pursue a criminal case. In these situations, you need a Bronx Medicaid fraud defense lawyer at your side. When you have been contacted by a DSS investigator for Medicaid fraud, you should never voluntarily provide any details that could ultimately be used against you. It is in your best interests to share your concerns that you are under suspicion for Medicaid fraud violations with a Medicaid fraud defense lawyer in the Bronx immediately. You do not want to help make the case any easier for the district attorney.

The best thing you could do is to identify a Bronx Medicaid fraud defense attorney who has experience in this field. It is never too early to seek legal advice even if a criminal or civil case has not been yet been filed against you. You need to take action right away to minimize your liability in a case like this, so don’t wait to try to figure things out on your own- you need a lawyer immediately and one that you can trust with such sensitive details in your case.

Sometimes there are legitimate defenses available for those people who have been accused of Medicaid fraud but failing to exercise these early on or not having an attorney who understands the ins and outs of the law could end up costing you. The right Medicaid fraud defense attorney in the Bronx can help to identify where you went wrong and how this can be used to impact your case. In some situations, an honest mistake could have been interpreted as breaking the law but having an attorney who is representing you can decrease the chances that you will be facing criminal consequences such as a conviction. Some of the most legitimate defenses to allegations include:

  • Relying on an external person such as an insurance broker to execute Medicaid documents
  • Not understanding how to fill out complex forms
  • Not disclosing accurate asset levels or income

One mistake, however, could lead to charges of submitting a false document under oath to the US government. This might seem like a minor issue but could follow you for many years to come. Making multiple mistakes on the same form or omitting numerous different types of information could enhance the charges and mean facing multiple crimes at the same time. It is a very serious matter to be accused of defrauding the federal government and the Medicaid system and therefore, you need an attorney who is willing to go to bat for you and comprehensively evaluate all of the options for defending you.

It might seem overwhelming to find yourself in this situation and you may be simply hoping that it will go away and disappear. However, it is a mistake to believe that you can handle these charges on your own. The consequences of failing to get help could be catastrophic so make sure that you protect your eligibility for Medicaid and your ability to ward off criminal consequences by identifying a criminal defense attorney immediately.

Having someone advocating for you shows the state or the federal government that you are serious in warding off these allegations and that you take the potential for conviction seriously. Having someone who has prepared cases like this will give you a greater chance that you will be successful in your ability to protect your reputation.

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