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Bronx Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud and health care fraud are, unfortunately, very seriously prosecuted on a criminal level by some of the most experienced attorneys employed by state and federal governments. Once an investigation has been opened against you, it is imperative to schedule a consultation with a Bronx insurance fraud defense attorney to walk through your rights. As with any white collar crime allegation, both your freedom and your individual reputation are at risk of being damaged when someone accuses you of breaking the law. Don’t assume that this is an administrative mistake only, because the consequences of a crime like this may follow you for years to come even after you handled the penalties.

The right Bronx insurance fraud defense lawyer can help to inform you about the charges you may be facing as well as the potential administrative consequences. The health care/ insurance industry also have their individual associations for combatting fraud and the insurance industry is also well known for rolling out all the stops in insurance fraud investigations.

These are just a few of the reasons why you need to retain an insurance fraud defense attorney in the Bronx immediately. If you are already facing criminal charges or under suspicion for insurance fraud, you need to take immediate action by hiring an insurance fraud defense lawyer in the Bronx to reduce the risk of spending time behind bars as well as the other consequences associated with this crime. The police prosecutors and insurance companies often work with one another on these cases and will pursue them aggressively.

They will work as hard as possible to ensure that you are put behind bars or facing enormous fines. No matter how a conviction occurs, the penalties are severe. It is possible to overcome these allegations against your character and to fight these charges without conviction. The right attorney can go a long way in assisting you when you are suspected of fraud and may begin an investigation to determine appropriate defense strategies before the matter even goes to trial. Working hard to stop these aggressive and unfair insurance investigations and to protect your reputation are just a few of the ways that a lawyer can help you. An aggressive attorney who has extensive experience in this field can walk you through what the various defense strategies look like and how they can empower you. There are many different ways that insurance fraud can occur and this is what often makes it confusing for people who are facing allegations of this type.

They may not realize that a mistake made on a form could be constituted as insurance fraud. Most people do not realize the broad range of activities that can fall under the statutes for criminal fraud in New York. These include:

  • Falsifying a loss
  • Filing fake insurance claims with a life insurance company
  • Inaccurate and fraudulent health care billings
  • Faking an automobile accident
  • Arguing that you owned proper you didn’t
  • Padding the damage estimates on an insurance claim
  • Causing a vehicle accident for the purpose of collecting insurance
  • Committing arson or burning a property you own
  • Making false or fraudulent claims about the situations under which a loss happened
  • Disaster or catastrophic incident fraud

Employers can also be accused of insurance fraud particularly as it relates to New York state workers' compensation. Any misrepresentations, false statements or fraud associated with workers' comp claims could lead to criminal insurance fraud in New York. Service providers and contractors are frequent targets for allegations of insurance fraud in New York.

The state may argue, for example, that you attempted to repair a person's home using their homeowners' insurance benefits but then left with the payment for the services without finishing. You could also be accused of having falsified or exaggerated a repair estimate. Agents and insurance brokers can even come into allegations of fraudulently selling or promoting policies to the public or misusing premiums. In many cases, insurance fraud is a false allegation but it is one that can have significant consequences for your future. Make sure that if you are accused of insurance fraud in New York, you retain an attorney who has a track record of successfully representing people like you.

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