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Bronx Credit Card Fraud

As with any type of fraudulent allegation made under the umbrella of white collar crime. It's unnerving and confusing to realize that you have been accused of credit card fraud. Your ability to develop a compelling defense and consult with a knowledgeable lawyer depend on taking quick action. As technology has advanced significantly in recent years, electronic transactions in computers are becoming more prevalent than ever. This also means that the opportunities to be charged with credit card fraud have increased. If you have already been accused of a crime, you need a Bronx credit card fraud attorney to assist you. Whether you’re looking at forgery allegations or other crimes, the right lawyer is vital.

Any other charges that involve an element of dishonesty may also be assessed at the same time, requiring you to consult with a credit card defense attorney in the Bronx. Severe penalties have only become worse for accused people over time. New statutes are designed to combat identity theft and identity fraud, putting a target on your back that could make it more likely than ever that you will be facing fraud charges in New York. This means that if you have already been charged, the prosecutor probably has materials to prepare a case against you already.

When you are facing a trained prosecuting lawyer in court, you need the support provided by a Bronx credit card fraud lawyer, who has extensive experience in handling these kinds of matters. A confidential legal consultation scheduled with a credit card defense lawyer in the Bronx can give you a better perspective of the charges that you are facing and how you should handle them effectively. Credit card fraud may not be as physically violent as other types of crimes such as murder or rape, but it still has the potential to wreak havoc financially on the victims.

For this reason, these charges tend to be investigated exhaustively but the convictions can lead to life lasting and damaging consequences. When these harsh allegations are attacking your character, you need an experienced defense attorney who can fight these charges, protect your rights, and walk you through the various developments of your case as it moves through the legal system. You do not have to face this challenging time alone and in fact it is strongly recommended that you should not.

What You Need to Know About Charges of Credit Card Fraud In New York

Credit card fraud is a relatively new phenomenon, but the nature of these offenses is changing all the time. This makes it all the more important to hire an credit card fraud attorney in the Bronx who understand the rules. In the past, credit card fraud may have been assigned to in-person use and theft of the physical card. However, these sorts of cases are relatively rare in the courts today. It is not even the physical card itself that becomes valuable but the rather the information stored on a credit card's magnetic strip. Many of the modern credit card fraud schemes today are carried out via what's known as 'skimming'. This refers to a situation in which a person swipes their card to make what would be seen as a legitimate purchase, but the card is read twice by the machine and then by a bug, such that information is intercepted during the transmission. In other cases, data breaches may involve credit card data being posted online and sold to the person willing to pay the most for it. A cancelled or revoked card and its attempted use is another form that credit card fraud allegations can take in New York.

This is classified under Article 65 of the New York Penal Law. As a Class A misdemeanor this can lead to up to $1000 in fines and up to a year in prison. Furthermore, someone may also be accused of other identity theft allegations if he or she has stolen a passport, check, bank account number, ID, or social security number. Identity theft charges can be categorized as felonies that can carry up to 7 years in prison. It is important to consult with a credit card fraud lawyer in the Bronx immediately in order to protect your interests.

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