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Bronx Cocaine Possession

You need to get legal help as soon as you can if you have been accused of any cocaine possession charge in New York. Many people who are not familiar with the consequences of these crimes may find themselves in hot water if the police start to investigate them or has already charged them with a crime. There are strict drug possession laws throughout New York and that is extremely confusing as well as complicated for someone not familiar with the law. If the charges are combined with something else, like a grand larceny allegation, who you choose as your Bronx cocaine possession attorney makes a difference.

If you have been accused of cocaine possession, you need a knowledgeable cocaine possession lawyer in the Bronx who can assist you with this allegation from the outset so as to minimize or eliminate the consequences entirely.

A Bronx cocaine possession lawyer is one of the most important assets you will have in the course of your case. There are strict penalties and lifelong repercussions involved if you are convicted of cocaine possession so you need someone by your side such as a cocaine possession lawyer in the Bronx to assist you. You may be looking for a second opportunity if you have already admitted that you are wrong and that you did have cocaine on your person at the time the police discovered it. In other situations, you may be completely innocent of the charges but not know how to proceed effectively.

The right cocaine possession attorney in the Bronx can help you to evaluate the facts of your case and explore whether or not your constitutional rights were violated with regard to the search and seizure. Sadly, it is not uncommon for the police in New York to arrest people for possession even though the cocaine could have technically belonged to someone else.

Regardless of what happens in your arrest, you have certain civil and constitutional rights that cannot be violated by prosecutors or the police. In the event that a mistake was made in your arrest, you need a Bronx cocaine possession attorney to fight for a rightful and outright dismissal of the charges. A criminal defense attorney has one primary goal and that is to represent your interests and to advocate for you.

A cocaine possession conviction in New York can lead to being charged with a class A-1 felony. This could mean decades behind bars as a potential maximum sentence. Other charges may be tried as criminal possession of a controlled substance in the fifth degree that has far less severe prison terms but is a D non-violent felony. You could still be serving years behind bars depending on the facts of your case, which is why it is pertinent for you to understand the crime that you have been charged with.

Very few drug possession cases end in conviction at trial and while even fewer are sentenced at the maximum allowable under the law, you can still benefit from hiring a cocaine possession lawyer immediately after you have been accused. Your lawyer may work to identify a plea agreement for you. The vast majority of New York cocaine possession cases are resolved in this manner in which the prosecution offers a more lenient or reduced charges in exchange for a guilty plea. This could help you to avoid any prison or jail time. Furthermore, there may be other options available to you such as drug courts or diversion options.

Talking to an attorney who practices regularly with people who have been accused of cocaine possession can tell you more about the individual opportunities you have. A drug court is like an intensive rehabilitation program. It has very strict terms like probation. In the event that you fail to abide by those terms you can be sent back to the criminal courts where you could be looking at prison time.

Diversions may also be available to you based on the jurisdiction and the charges. These are in place to allow offenders to get help with any drug issues and to help them avoid incarceration. If you are facing any cocaine possession charges in New York, having all of the facts in front of you and knowing the different avenues that may be available to you is important. To make the most of these opportunities, you need to engage a cocaine possession attorney in the Bronx rather than later.

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