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Bronx Bank Fraud

If you have recently been accused of bank fraud or any other white-collar crime in New York, who you choose to hire as your Bronx bank fraud lawyer can have a significant impact on the outcome of the case. Identifying a bank fraud lawyer in the Bronx is the best way for you to figure out the potential consequences that are on the line. Bank fraud refers to a number of different white collar criminal offenses that are nonviolent in nature, perpetrated against or by a lien holder, financial institution or bank. This can happen in any situation in which a person attempts to secure funds, property or assets that are held by a financial institution or a bank through fraudulent means.

This should prompt a meeting with a bank fraud defense attorney in the Bronx immediately because there are significant consequences on the line that could damage your future. It can also be a crime that is committed by someone representing a bank or a bank itself such as accounting fraud or rogue trading. In situations in which the bank falsifies details to appear more properly licensed, financially stable, or to encourage an investment or deposit of funds made by someone else.

There are several kinds of bank fraud in New York but all of these should encourage you to contact a Bronx bank fraud defense attorney. The types of bank fraud include:

  • Forgery
  • Check fraud
  • Card fraud
  • Impersonation
  • Accounting fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Fraudulent loans
  • Rogue trading
  • Uninsured deposits

There are many different types of offenses that can be categorized as bank fraud which can make it extremely confusing for someone who has recently been accused. It can also be classified as a crime in interstate commerce and this may elevate the possible penalties because it could be re-categorized as a federal crime. The life altering consequences associated with a federal crime can be overwhelming for anyone who has been accused. If you think that you may soon be charged with bank fraud because you are already under investigation or if you are currently facing charges now, you need an attorney who can help walk you through the process and identify whether or not alternative sentencing is an option.

Finding ways to cast doubt on your alleged guilt should be the primary goal of your criminal defense lawyer. Understanding the evidence and facts perpetrated by the prosecution can help your criminal defense lawyer develop his or her own strategy. Bank fraud can be very difficult to defend because of its technological and complicated nature. This is not the same as being accused of petit theft or grand theft. In fact, bank fraud allegations have their own terminology and language and it can be extremely difficult for a lay person to understand. That means that your criminal defense attorney should be well versed in the jargon used in this type of the law and be well prepared with the various types of defenses available to you. You need an attorney who has a broad understanding of the financial industry as well as any of the other complementary crimes that you may have been accused of at the same time such as identity theft or computer fraud.

An attorney who knows the financial industry will be able to effectively protect your rights. Just because a lawyer in general handles criminal cases across the Bronx does not mean that he or she is uniquely suited to represent your interests in a case like this. You need someone who is familiar with white collar crimes and who is prepared to conduct comprehensive discovery and development of evidence that could help to protect your future.

You have many different things to worry about after being accused of a crime and you simply cannot afford to let the determination of your future be left up to chance. Rather consult with a white-collar crime defense attorney shortly after you have been accused or after you have learned that you have come under investigation. This is the only way to get peace of mind that someone is working hard on your behalf.

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