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Westchester County Arrest

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An Arrest is an experience you will not soon forget. It is not only embarrassing but stressful. You may have been caught up in a unique set of circumstances, or the Arrest may have been the result of a conversation with police. Perhaps you were caught driving under the influence on alcohol (DWI), or were arrested because of a bench warrant. What ever crime you are being accused of, your rights as a defendant will be the same. From the very beginning of your case, you are innocent. Everyone is considered innocent until it is proven in Criminal Court. Also, you must know that whatever information you provide to the police may have a negative impact on your case. It is therefore recommended that you seek a Westchester County Criminal Lawyer right away, and that you do not speak during questioning. This is your right, and it is important that you avail yourself it during this sensitive time. Whether you are being charged with Assault, or something like Petite Larceny, a misdemeanor or Sex Crime, like Rape or possibly Child Pornography, or felony, you will need to be very mindful of exercising these rights. A case brought in Federal Court against you like a White Collar Crime (Securities Fraud, and/or Bank Fraud matter and/or Mail Fraud) will require that you are well versed in your rights and that you have contacted a Federal Criminal Lawyer to assist you. Going up against the Federal Government is particularly intimidating, and it is highly recommended that you secure the advice a Criminal Lawyer as soon as possible. Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC have qualified and experienced lawyers that are ready to assist you. We have offices in Westchester County, Suffolk County and Nassau County.

Receiving a Desk Appearance Ticket means that you were in effect arrested, and you will have the same rights and responsibilities. The only difference with a DAT is that you are not ever taken into custody. You will need to be sure to go to your Arraignment at the date/time noted on your DAT.

If you are attempting to locate a family member that you suspect has been arrested, and in was in Westchester County, the following are the police departments in Westchester County, listed by town:

North Castle Police Department
(914) 273-9500

North Castle Police Department
(914) 273-9500

Bedford Hills Police Department
(914) 241-3111

Briarcliff Manor
Briarcliff Manor Police Department
(941) -941-2130

Bronxville Police Department
(941) 337-0500

Buchanan Police Department
(914) 739-6776

Chappaqua Police Department

Croton-on-Hudson Police Department
(914) 271-4900

Dobbs Ferry
Dobbs Ferry Police Department
(914) 963-5500

Eastchester Police Department
(914) 961-3464

Elmsford Police Department

Harrison Police Department
(914) 967-5110

Hastings-on-Hudson Police Department
(914) 478-2344

Irvington Police Department

Bedford Hills Police Department

Larchmont Police Department
(914) 834-1000

Marmaroneck Police Department

Millwood Police Department
(914) 238-4422

Mount Kisco
Mount Kisco Police Department

Mount Vernon
Mount Vernon Police Department
(914) 665-2500

New Rochelle
New Rochelle Police Department
(914) 632-2300

North White Plains
North White Plains Police Department

Ossining Police Department
(914) 962-6007

Peekskill Police Department
(914) 737-8000

Pelham Police Department

Pleasantville Police Department
(914) 769-1500

Port Chester
Port Chester Police Department
(914) 939-2444

Pound Ridge
Pound Ridge Police Department

Rye Police Department
(914) 967-1234

Rye Brook
Rye Brook Police Department

Scarsdale Police Department
(914) 772-1200

Sleepyhollow Police Department
(914) 631-5544

Tuckahoe Police Department
(914) 961-4800

Mount Pleasant Police Department

White Plains
White Plains Police Department

Yonkers Police Department
(914) 377-7900

Yorktown Heights
Yorktown Police Department
(914) 962-4141

Putnam County Police Department

The Westchester County Criminal Court is located at 111 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, White Plains, NY 10601. Their phone number is (914) 824-5400. Once you or your loved on has been booked and processed, they will be held in police custody until their Arraignment.

After your Arrest, the police and District Attorney will want to ask you questions regarding your case. The police and DA have been given a wide berth in conducting these interrogations, and they will be recorded. Be aware that all the information given to the authorities becomes part of your case, which could harm you in the end. You need to also be aware that you are allowed to "take the 5th" (not to speak), and you have the legal right to counsel. It is important to call a Westchester County Arrest Lawyer as soon as you can. Your New York Criminal Lawyer can help ensure that your rights are respected and your case moves forward smoothly. Once your Criminal Lawyer informs the authorities that you will be opting to exercise these rights, the authorities may not legally interrogate you.

An Arrest is unsettling and starts a legal process that must be handled appropriately in order to obtain the best result. Trying to handle these matters without the aid of a Westchester County Criminal Lawyer is daunting at best. Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC will offer you a completely free consultation with your first appointment. This consultation can be used for domestic violence matter, a gun crime matter or a violation of the vehicle and traffic law (traffic ticket) Do not wait and call us today at 800.696.9529. We have offices in Westchester County, New York City (including Manhattan Brooklyn and the Bronx and Long Island.

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